Dinar Guru is a website that claims to help you make money with the Dinar. However, this website is not legitimate and in fact, is illegal. This is because it is registered in the US as a Money Services Business and does not have a license to exchange or transmit money. Therefore, it can easily rob you of your money. This review will show you how to spot the warning signs and how to protect yourself from scams associated with currency trading.

The Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi dinar

The Iraqi dinar is the official currency of Iraq and is issued by the Central Bank of Iraq. Originally the dinar was divided into 1,000 fils, but this was abolished due to inflation in 1990. As of 19 June 2022, US$1 was worth 1462.5 dinars.

Historical chart

The Iraqi dinar is the official national currency of Iraq. There are 1000 fils in a dinar. An historical chart of the Iraqi dinar shows how the dinar has changed over time. Its value has fallen more than 20 percent since January 2016, when it reached USD 8.58 per IQD.

Despite the recent turmoil in the country, the Iraqi Dinar is expected to regain its lost value in the coming years. This is largely due to the fact that the oil industry in Iraq is booming again. Moreover, the oil industry is now generating revenues, and the country’s citizens are recovering from the wars. The Iraqi dinar is a reliable currency for the coming decades, so long as it is supported by oil revenues.

Exchange rate

The Iraqi dinar is a paper currency, and its value is approximately one US dollar. It is issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which aims to maintain price stability in the country, and promote a free, competitive financial system. In 2003, after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, a new dinar was introduced.

However, the dinar is not a sure investment. Its value is difficult to predict and does not earn interest. In the long term, the dinar may go up in value. Therefore, investors and traders should use extreme caution when trading the dinar.

Counterfeit banknotes

It is believed that the United States is behind the massive number of counterfeit Iraqi dinar banknotes being printed in neighboring countries. The depreciation of the dinar has been largely blamed on the fake currency and it has severely affected the country’s economy. Although the dinar had previously been valued at more than 900 dinars to the dollar, it has recently plummeted to only 1,400 dinars. Furthermore, it has also weakened public confidence in the economy. Some Iraqis are afraid of using their own currency to make salary payments or other commercial transactions.

The Iraqi people deserve a stable and reliable currency. The current state of security in Iraq makes the movement of currency very risky. Moreover, State-owned banks are often short of cash to meet payrolls. They frequently call on the Special Coalition for assistance to meet their needs.

Importance of buying an Iraqi dinar

One of the most important considerations in buying an Iraqi dinar is the level of risk involved. The dinar is not a stable currency, and most countries prohibit hard currency trading without a registration. The dinar is also difficult to trade and can’t earn interest. While the dinar is a highly sought after investment, it can be a risky bet. There are more lucrative and safer investments out there, including other currencies.

As the Iraqi economy begins to recover from regional and civil war, its exchange value may increase. However, there is no consensus on when the dinar will regain its former value against the dollar. Major banks are not yet offering IQD trading, so transactions must be made through money exchanges, which charge high commissions. Furthermore, there is little certainty about the Iraqi government’s plans for a redenomination and revaluation of the currency.

By Williumson

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