cause of enamel erosion

As we all know that teeth are one of the most important parts of the human body. We use teeth while eating food and must not forget, that teeth not only help us in eating food but sparkling teeth add a lot of value in the personality of a person. For you to spread a brighter smile around, you must have clean and healthy teeth. But in our daily life we do certain things that make our teeth sensitive and tooth sensitivity often occurs when tooth enamel has worn down. Enamel erosion is one of the major causes of sensitivity.

Probable cause of enamel erosion:


– Cracked tooth

-Worn fillings

Causes of sensitive teeth:

  1. Aggressive Brushing:

Brushing thoroughly is certainly a good habit to have for Good oral health. But brushing hard and for too long can cause real damage to your teeth. Since you know enamel acts like a shield and protects your teeth but once you start brushing with brutal force, in result it will wear down your enamel.

Once enamel is worn down, the nerves part (dentin) will get exposed. And your teeth will start to feel sensitive. In order to avoid this to happen, you have to adapt a better technique of brushing, make sure bristles of your brush touch your teeth gently to avoid erosion of enamel. Brushing the wrong way or over-brushing not only damages the enamel but can expose softer parts of teeth which can lead to pain as well.

  • Eating unhealthy food:

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is not only vital for your overall health as being an active person but It also adds a lot of value to your oral health. Consuming acidic food on a daily basis can really damage your oral health and can have a bad impact. Balance your diet and avoid sour food and drink which create high acidic levels in your mouth and that ultimately become the reason for enamel erosion. Eating high amounts of sugar can produce acids in your mouth which can damage your teeth and lead to sensitive teeth. Sugary items like cookies, ice cream, candies can help bacteria to grow in your mouth. Monitor your intake of candies and cookies to limit your consumption of sugar level to protect the teeth.

3-Teeth grinding and clenching:

Jaw-Clenching and teeth grinding of teeth can also remove enamel just like eating unhealthy food and brushing too hard or for too long. A lot of people clench and grind their teeth during the night without knowing. It’s a very common disease among people. It is something also known as “Bruxism”.

Jaw-Clenching and Teeth-grinding expose the nerves part of your teeth which ultimately become a reason for sensitivity. Bruxism can become lethal if we don’t stop it at a very early stage. Bruxism can cause pain, tooth fracture, headache and muscle troubles of the jaw and joints. It can get to a very dangerous level if we fail to stop it at initial stages.

Most of the people don’t ever realize that they are having this disease until their sleep partner told them. This whole situation can be avoided if you use night guards to help protect your teeth.

 4-Growing plague:

Plague is one of the most common reasons why people feel sensitivity. Even if you have forgotten to brush your teeth or haven’t brushed thoroughly, plague starts forming and growing in your mouth and that can ultimately lead to sensitive teeth.

Plague not only affects your teeth but also your gums and causes sensitivity at both. To avoid plague you must at least brush your teeth along with flossing on a daily basis to avoid plaque to form or create any kind of trouble for you such as crack tooth.

Plague is also something that causes erosion of enamel and exposed nerves of the teeth to make you feel sensitive. Plague must not be removed from the teeth before going to sleep.

 5- Gum disease:

If by any chance you have noticed that your gums are starting to pull away. It means your gums are receding. When the gums start to recede, that exposes the dentin part of your tooth and you start to feel sensitivity.  Dentin is the soft tissue beneath the enamel which is connected with the nerves and exposing dentin is what causes sensitivity.

You must always keep up with the oral routine and in case you are suffering from gum disease, you must consult with a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any harm to your teeth.

Now the question comes up about what you need to do in order to prevent it and what sort of habits you need to develop to live a healthy life with good oral health.

Solutions to prevent teeth sensitivity:

Take care of your teeth:

We often fail to realize the importance of having good healthy teeth and pay very less attention to our oral health. Oral health is as important as any other thing in life. Only if we get to know what it is like having broken teeth and the pain one has to go through every time he starts eating. We can only imagine and can look at what can be done to make sure we don’t let our oral health get anywhere close to worse.

Don’t go to bed without brushing the teeth:

 As most of the doctors recommend, brushing teeth twice a day to maintain proper protection to your teeth from any kind of bacteria or plague. Still most people take this suggestion very casually and don’t bother doing it. They hardly manage to brush once a day in the morning and that too in a hurry.

Most people have developed a habit of brushing in the morning as they grow up, but very few understand how important & crucial it is to brush twice a day. Which means you shouldn’t ever miss brushing before going to bed. Most of us are unaware of the fact that brushing before bed saves us from germs and plaque accumulation throughout the day. So make a habit of brushing before going to sleep. It will also freshen up your mood.

Brush properly:

The first question that most doctors usually ask, do you brush your teeth daily? And for most of the people the answer is like yes of course but they fail to realize that not brushing in the right way is almost equal to not brushing or even worse than brushing.

First of all, we must learn the proper way of brushing and must never go too hard or go for too long while brushing. We must be brushing teeth gently to avoid any risk of removing the enamel. If we only learn the right technique of brushing, most of our oral problems can be solved in a jiff.

Use fluoride toothpaste:

 So we have often seen people get confused when it comes to choosing toothpaste. There are a lot of different toothpastes available in the market from different companies. So let’s make it easy for you.

The only thing you need to consider while selecting toothpaste is whether it contains fluoride or not. Because this is the only thing that really matters if you are worried and conscious about your oral health. It is because fluoride is a kind of substance that defends against tooth decay. Not only this but it fights with germs that lead to decay and most importantly become a defensive shield for your teeth and protection.

Consider mouthwash:

 Washing your mouth is a healthy activity. Most people care about the appearance of the outside and forget what needs to be done for the inner self. Just like we clean our face, we must make a habit of washing our mouth as many times as possible as it helps reduce the amount of acid.

Today there are a lot of mouth washes available that we can use to clean our mouth and stay protected from any kind of bacteria, plague and it helps with toothache. Mouthwash can make your mouth fresh and ready to find against all day germs.

Drink more water:

Drinking water not only helps maintain an overall healthy life but also helps keep the oral health in check. Water is the best beverage available to maintain the balance of your body. Water not only helps you cleansing your teeth and mouth but it can help cleansing the whole body.

Drinking a good amount of water must be an everyday goal. Water can help in removing the effects of some sticky and acidic foods and beverages that may not only cause damage on your oral health but overall health.

There are different other benefits of drinking water:

-Normalizing blood pressure.

– Stabilizing the heartbeat.

-Regulating body temperature.

When to see a dentist:

Last but not the least seeing your doctor is still something you cannot neglect. One must see the doctor in case they notice any kind of changes happening in their gums, mouth or teeth. You must see your doctor twice or thrice a year to make sure everything is alright.

By Williumson

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