Microwave oven Repair Service

Widespread microwave ovens are built into cabinets and screwed to the wall, so replacing a broken microwave is no easy task. To ensure that the product he replaces no more than once in 10 years (which is the lifespan recommended by most manufacturers), great care must be taken. A complete guide for Microwave Oven Repair Service

Microwaves may not be as dirty as ovens, but one of the best ways to keep your microwave alive is to keep it clean. This includes wiping down the inside if someone is heating a pot of pasta without covering it, and regularly cleaning the grease filter that picks up cooking fumes from the stove below, especially if you frequently fry food.

Some Models of microwave ovens are very expensive. So if you go for a Microwave Oven Repair service it can cost at least hundreds of dollars. To save you time and money, here are some simple things you can do every day or week to keep your microwave running. (Note: Most of these tips also work on countertop models, but they are easily swapped out.)

1. Clean up quickly.

If spilled, wipe it off immediately with a sponge. Leftovers can absorb some of the microwave’s energy when the microwave is turned on again, creating potentially damaging hot spots inside. Take extra care not to damage the door’s protective screen when exposed to prevent

To remove cooking stains, wipe the oven walls and floor with a hot, damp cloth. Clean removable parts such as turntables with hot, soapy water.

To finish the odor, place a bowl of water with 1/4 cup of lemon juice in the oven and switch it on for 1 minute. Remove the bowl and wipe clean the oven cavity with any condensation that has formed. Wipe off dirt with clean water. Repeat as necessary. Scrape off any hard spots with a plastic credit card.

Microwave oven Repair Service

2. Turn on the exhaust fan

OTR exhaust fans are not as efficient as range hoods, but should still be used. This allows moisture from the pots and pans to collect on the microwave electronics, shortening their lifespan. A technology expert said. Wipe off any moisture with a paper towel or soft cloth.

3. Remove the grease from the grease filter

It’s easy to forget the filter at the bottom of your microwave that traps steam and cooking fumes. However, overheating can reduce the efficiency of your microwave and create a fire hazard. It comes off easily when cleaning, but it’s a good idea to wear rubber gloves beforehand. Soak the filter in a sink with hot water and dishwashing liquid to degrease it like Dawn. Some manufacturers say they can be put in the dishwasher but read the instructions first. If the filter isn’t installed correctly, replace it.

4. Don’t close the door

Microwave oven doors have three (sometimes four) safety lock switches that disable the oven when the door is open. For the microwave to work properly, the switch must align with the latch when the door is closed. “Since all door openers, latching mechanisms, and door knobs themselves are made of plastic, closing the microwave door can physically damage any of these components. And sometimes you have to call a professional for Microwave Oven repair Service. A damaged switch or latch can disable your microwave.

5. Do not run an empty Oven

Some people just want to use the timer, but accidentally leave it on when the microwave is empty. No harm if this is brief. But with nothing in the microwave, there are no [water molecules] to get excited about, so the device can heat up quickly or burn on the inside.

6. Avoid using metals

Metal reflects microwaves, but glass, paper, plastic, and most ceramics transmit microwaves to food. Placing metal utensils, dishes, metal details, or anything silver or gold-plated in the microwave can cause a real spark arc. If the metal touches the inner side, the arc can penetrate the walls of the cavity and cause irreparable damage. So leave at least an inch of space on all sides of the food. Some manufacturers say you can use a small amount of aluminum foil in the microwave, but only if it is tightly folded around the food. Please read the manual. Extruded metallic foil or metal cable can act as an antenna and cause an arc, which can damage your microwave oven.

7. Use the pre-programmed cooking time 

Use the presets to prevent food from overcooking or splashing in the oven. And watch the cooking time. Microwaves often fail to work due to the wrong cooking time. If you will set the timer wrongly your microwave can be automatic.

8. Do not try to repair the device yourself

You don’t necessarily have to, but if you’re tempted, remember that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that people have been electrocuted while trying to fix a microwave. Microwave ovens can carry thousands of volts of charge on their capacitors for hours or days after they are unplugged. “A capacitor is a component that stores energy and releases it again when needed. This energy can be released with a human touch. Always hire a professional repair for Microwave Oven Repair Service, But first, do an estimate. It is an expensive repair and device replacement may cost less.

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