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An excellent method to increase the reach of your company or group is to allow remote attendees at your in-person events. One of the factors contributing to the increased availability and accessibility of events is the growing significance of live streaming. With the help of a professional live streaming service In India, you don’t need technical expertise to hold your first live stream event.

Live streaming has the benefit of being simple to use even for those without a lot of technical expertise. With the aid of live streaming service providers, numerous businesses and marketers are advertising their brands, raising brand recognition, and boosting ROI in this digital age. Are you thinking of conducting a live stream? If yes, it is important to learn more about live streaming. In this session, you will find everything that you need to know about a live webinar.

What is live streaming?

When someone watches a video on the Internet, data is transmitted using live streaming. It is a method for delivering a video file in pieces, frequently from a distant storage site. Client devices do not need to download the complete video before playing it because only a few seconds of the clip are sent over the internet at once.

In simple words, it is a video that is streamed live online as opposed to one that has been pre-recorded and uploaded to social media accounts. Technically, the term “live video streaming” is all-inclusive and can also refer to TV programs that are simultaneously made available online in real-time. Live streaming, however, usually refers to the web material that you are creating and distributing for marketing goals.

Live broadcasts are another tool that organizations and companies can utilize to improve and increase direct connection with clients and partners. You may communicate and reach more people worldwide by live streaming an event. Connecting with a larger, global audience is one of the main benefits of live streaming. Many broadcasters employ streaming services to host live events. When sharing live video footage, you can present a professional image by using a live streaming service for businesses.

Why live streaming matters to your business

Whatever your market, your clients are craving interesting video material, which can have a significant influence on their actions. Twenty percent of internet users prefer live streaming video to other social media content, while eighty percent of internet users prefer live video to blogs. 60% of those who view a live stream purchased tickets for comparable events. Live broadcasting is appealing to many viewers because it gives them a sense of accessibility — a “behind the scenes” perspective that feels more natural and open. In ways that other marketing methods just cannot, this aids in building trust.

Benefits of live streaming

Any goals and objectives you wish to achieve can be accomplished through live streaming in an effective method. You can utilize live streaming to market and advertise your new product and services, share significant business news, conduct an online course, and more. Professional streaming service providers give businesses the chance to connect with and engage millions of consumers worldwide. There are different benefits of considering live streaming for your business and some of them are given below:

Allows to reach a wider audience

Offline events are normally limited to the physical space. Online streaming gives you the chance to increase your audience size and reach without any geographical or size restrictions. These individuals who you would not otherwise reach can obtain your content by watching your event live streamed. You may connect with anyone on the planet remotely with the aid of live streaming services and social media streaming platforms.


Businesses and marketers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. When using live streaming, you won’t need to worry about money. It is extremely affordable. You don’t require any more hardware, software, or equipment to go live. On a website like youtube, Facebook Live, or any other service from your smartphone or laptop, you can do this by logging into an active account. This is a great way to save money and develop your creativity and originality at the same time.

Variety of content

There are other ways to transmit in real-time besides live video and audio streaming. You can utilize a variety of video and multimedia types, including pictures, text messages, and video calls. Your live streams could be turned into on-demand entertainment by finding new uses for them. This enables you to share your video with a wider audience.

Real-time feedback

You could conduct polls during your event that is being streamed live. You can get immediate feedback from your audience, which can assist you in determining what is effective and what is not. Whether you are discussing anything with the audience or presenting your product, you may instantly get their feedback in real-time.

Improve your brand value

Your brand name could gain a significant competitive advantage from streaming live events and content. Whether it’s a conference, webinar, or just a casual teaching session, many businesses do not use live streaming. You might start to stand out from the crowd by using this marketing strategy.

Improve the audience engagement

Because live streaming allows for real-time user engagement and allows viewers to engage in direct dialogue with speakers, many marketers incorporate it into their marketing plans. It is one of the effective strategies you may use to engage your audience more. You can utilize a live streaming platform to enhance the interactivity and interest of your live stream. A live streaming platform offers a variety of interactive features, including live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and more.

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