Wholesale Clothing Manchester

Do you know where to buy Wholesale Clothing Manchester, as a retailer? Do you know some of the top wholesalers for your retail store? If not, then you are in the right place as this post will talk about the best wholesalers to buy ladies’ clothing.  

With the fast pace of the process of e-commerce and covid-19 after results, the trend of online shopping has emerged. Especially, in the UK, people are likely to buy clothes online in its place of visiting a clothing store physically. 

In this regard, UK retailers should know about top wholesalers for their retail stores to better manage their clothing stock. Therefore, go through this post till the end, and read about top clothing wholesalers in Manchester in 2022 to buy from.

Missi Clothing  

The largest Wholesale Clothing supplier in Manchester, in the UK in 2022 is ‘Missi Clothing’ established in 2004. The supplier is also working under the name of ‘Missi London and BlinQ.’ The wholesaler is prominent and holds an appealing position in the wholesale market of Manchester, UK. 

The supplier has a vast wholesale experience whereas offering trendy and stylish attires to their retailers and individual clothing suppliers as well. The wholesaler is actively responding to its customers, and retailers mainly, through its customer care system. In addition, the company also works through its iOS application making it easier and faster for customers to link and buy from the company. One of the plus points of the company is that they deliver wholesale attires outside of the UK as well.


The second top wholesaler on our list is Parisian offering different categories of wholesale apparel mainly for women throughout the UK. The company was founded in 2002 and with the passage of time it has emerged as one of the leading wholesale clothing companies in Manchester, UK. To buy Ladies Fashion Wholesale Manchester clothing, as a retailer, you should consider this wholesaler as a top priority.  

The company is actively working online and updating its collection on a daily and weekly basis while following the market trends. The company adds new clothing articles with the help of influencers and a team of designers every single day. The wholesaler also delivers wholesale apparel outside of the UK according to the demand.


The third wholesaler on our list is Wholesaleshopping.co.uk. and well known for providing trendy and low-cost wholesale women’s attires. If you are working in Manchester locally and want to buy  Ladies Wholesale Clothing Manchester, then you can easily buy from Wholesaleshopping.co.uk. 

Additionally, the company is famous for providing Italian apparel for women for almost all occasions throughout the year. So, it would not be wrong to say that this company is providing the best quality wholesale apparel for women just because of the Italian touch. 

In reality, this wholesaler is a woman’s dream come true option for stocking wholesale clothing items for women, as a retailer. The price range of the company is relatively low-cost and suitable for UK retailers. Mainly products of the company involve tops, dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, pants, pyjamas, denim wear, lingerie, cardigans, hoodies and some more.

KDK London

KDK London was established 40 years ago in Manchester, but at first, the company worked for local companies. Later, the company emerged as a clothing wholesaler in the UK, whereas offering luxury clothing items including women’s tops, classy dresses, and modern daywear for women, particularly. At the start, the company was working in Manchester only due to the lack of an in-house team of professional designers and marketers.

Later, after some years of struggles, the company managed to get its position in the wholesale apparel market of the UK while providing unique designs for women. So, if you want to buy different designs for women, contact KDK London as a UK retailer.

City Goddess

Last but not least, City Goddess has also emerged as a reputed wholesaler in the UK. The 15 years of struggle of the company has paved the way for its current reputation. Not only retailers but women are also aware of City Goddess as a clothing manufacturer offering extremely fashionable attire for women.

The online marketing team and in-house designers of the company have made it possible for the company to grow rapidly, according to changing market conditions. Therefore, when you need to stock highly stylish clothing stock for women, contact this company as a retailer.  

Final Remarks

If you are looking to invest in the clothing industry and want to buy the latest women’s clothing items from a well-known and reputed wholesaler, choose any of the mentioned above to better know about them. As a UK retailer, you should link with a reliable and sustainable wholesale apparel source for your retail store to win the competition. Besides, if you require more info about Wholesale Shoes UK, click here and provide us with positive and compelling feedback as well.

By Williumson

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