Ecommerce retention management is an essential task that needs attention to ensure steady revenue growth. We often think about eCommerce revenue growth in terms of strategies and tactics for attracting new customers, improving our shopping experience and expanding our reach.

That isn’t the only way to increase your revenue, and it might not be the best.

Ecommerce retention management is as important as new customer acquisition in eCommerce. A comprehensive retention program will increase average order value, increase purchase frequency, as well as expand your reach through referrals and word-of-mouth.

Return customers can receive exclusive promotional emails

One of the best ways to ensure customers to feel valued is to send them exclusive deals.

This one is easy to implement. Send a compelling offer to existing customers by email. However, don’t make it public.

This Native Instruments promotional email, sent only to existing customers, contains an enticing offer: 50% off any updates or upgrades.

Focus on Customer Service and Success to Increase Customer Service

Customers feel unneeded, valued, and underappreciated when they get poor customer service, poor onboarding, or nonexistent customer success initiatives.

These areas are crucial for subscription eCommerce companies.

It is important to have a consistent customer onboarding process. Depending on the industry, this could include direct exposure from a customer support agent or automated (more common in B2C eCommerce verticals).

Emails can increase customer interaction

Interaction is key to a cohesive business and you should use it as an eCommerce retention strategy. You can use various methods to increase interaction with customers and retain customers.

You can easily manage ecommerce retention if you continue to interact with customers. You can inform them about new features and exclusive offers for eCommerce.

You will be able increase customer engagement as well as website traffic.

Create an All-Inclusive Customer onboarding Program

Customer onboarding programs are crucial for eCommerce subscription brands. Getting a customer to sign up is not enough, especially if you are using a monthly subscription model.

Onboarding is the first step in your retention plan. This begins with a welcome email.

  • Birchbox, a subscription company for beauty and grooming sends an email with a simple “Here is what to expect” message.
  • Onboarding email for Birchbox eCommerce subscription
  • It is a great way to manage customer sentiment, and avoid unhappy customers.

Personalize communications whenever possible

When it comes to eCommerce retention, personalization is key. Two-thirds (63%) of your customers expect that you will be able to identify their needs and preferences. 52% expect that all your offers will be personal.

Personalization does not have to be limited to using the customer’s name as a subject line in emails.

Promos for eCommerce brands should consider customer preferences, past purchases, and buying characteristics.

Create a loyalty program for customers

Loyalty programs can influence employee retention. The coffee card, the simplest version of loyalty programs (buy nine and get one), is the most basic.

Loyalty programs allow eCommerce companies to be a bit more creative. Points systems are popular and buyers can earn points by completing certain actions.

These could be:

  • Create a new account
  • Making their first purchase
  • Points for every dollar spent
  • Google reviews
  • Introduce a friend or family member
  • Followers on social media for your brand

Customers should be able to log in easily.

Customers should only need to enter their information once when they make their first purchase. However, it is best to allow fields to be automatically filled to make it easier for them.

This means that buyers should be able create accounts quickly (without needing to go through many hoops) and store important information like:

  • Name and other details about them
  • Information about credit cards
  • Delivery and billing addresses

SubscriptionFlow manages Ecommerce retention

SubscriptionFlow, a retention management platform and customer satisfaction platform, provides solutions and features to help businesses grow and scale.

By Williumson

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