Employees are the essence of any organisation and are key drivers for business success. An enthusiastic and positively engaged workforce helps a business thrive, whereas a disconnected and undervalued workforce is likely to impact top lines. Therefore, to ensure the business is a success, the key lies in an engaged workforce.

When we talk about “employee engagement”, we refer to an employee’s emotional commitment to their work and workplace, not to be confused with job satisfaction, experience, or happiness. When employees feel engaged with the organisation, they are more likely to be proactive and go above and beyond what is expected of them. By channelling this energy in the workplace, organisations can improve their overall performance. With effective engagement strategies, businesses can create a culture of trust and loyalty, with strong work ethics. 

Develop Strong Work Ethics Among Employees

Offering exceptional employee benefits within the organization’s rewards and recognition programme is tried and tested strategy to enhance employee motivation benefits and engagement. Recognition can take many forms based on whatever is the company’s approach. An emphasis on rewards and recognition programmes within the organisation can make an impactful difference to employees as well as the business. By expressing gratitude, leaders can positively influence their employees’ well-being, increase engagement, and strengthen relationships

The technological adoption during the pandemic resulted in some revolutionary improvements in the way employers are now offering employee benefits. Employee wellbeing, upskilling and digital gifting solutions are taking over.

Wellbeing as a Part of Effective Reward Programmes

Most people in the current hybrid scenario are juggling situations like dealing with health risks, and financial instability paired with prolonged work hours in a hybrid setting, resulting in a major setback to their health. As working from home went from being a privilege to a necessity to a way of work, the shift comes with risks to employees and their family’s well-being and burnout driven by feelings of isolation, job insecurity and the blurred boundaries between work and life. Taking measures to support employees through these times has become the topmost priority for employers across the globe.

Digitisation of Employee Benefits

In the current hybrid/remote work environment, digital employee benefits like digital gift cards, offer the perfect solution that works not only for the employers but also for the recipients. It offers ease of planning and zero logistics for the HR department, and for the employees, it means the choice to make spend whenever and wherever they feel like, with absolute freedom of choice. This also takes away the complexities of catering to different mindsets and personalities and solves many practical aspects such as last-minute delivery hassles, late deliveries, etc. 

Digital benefit cards undoubtedly make brilliant rewards for employees, and a brand that has been delivering excellent benefits and rewards is Sodexo. Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass users can reap the benefits of these digital cards across over 90,000 online platforms and over 50 lakh outlets. They can pick from across multiple categories such as food, travel, beauty, fashion, and electronics.

By Williumson

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