Any company that manufactures products knows the importance of quality packaging. Whether you sell your products at a point of sale or ship them directly to the customer, the box you choose matters more than you think. Packaging is the first look at your brand that a consumer or retailer gets. It can mean the difference between an unforgettable customer experience and lasting brand loyalty.

Why Should You Use Custom Boxes?

In the retail and manufacturing industries, Cardboard boxes are a popular choice. They’re especially effective when paired with personalized options that let the consumer know you’re proud of your brand without breaking the bank. Discover six benefits of choosing cardboard and learn how to create personalized boxes for your business in one step.

1. Improved Product Safety

Your choice of box is the only thing standing between your product and a potentially bumpy ride. Custom cardboard boxes can protect your goods and keep them securely in place during transit. This includes protecting the products from damage caused by shock and vibration as well as protecting them from dirt and dust on the road. The thick, durable nature of high-quality cardstock provides a sturdy outer shell, while a custom fit ensures your products stay in place with minimal bumping and movement.

2. Add a Professional Touch

Creating your own box design offers many creative possibilities. Between colors, printed graphics, marketing messages, and custom sizes, there are a number of ways you can infuse your company’s personality and brand into your packaging. Demonstrating this effort will improve the professional quality of your package and result in a better customer experience.

3. Adjust Your Size and Shape

Custom-fit is one of the most important aspects of product safety. Standard boxes are unlikely to fit your product perfectly – your goods may be swimming in extra space and shifting within the box, or they may be tight and difficult to unpack. Any of these issues will detract from the sleek, professional look you’re looking for. Printed cardboard boxes allow you to control the size, shape, and materials used for flawless results.

4. Reduce Your Costs

Cardboard boxes are generally one of the most cost-effective packaging options. The raw materials used to make the boxes are generally inexpensive, making for a much more economical route than alternative materials.

In addition, the lightness of boxes allows companies to further reduce their shipping costs. Even thick boxes don’t weigh much, allowing companies to ship more products at a lower cost. The light weight of the boxes makes it easier to handle and transport packages, saving labor costs, energy and time.

5. Stay Sustainable

Custom cardboard packaging tends to be eco-friendly, allowing companies to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability efforts. For example, Now custom boxes use corrugated cardboard, which is made up of 60-95% post-consumer waste. Our materials are 100% recyclable, allowing companies to use large numbers of boxes without harming the environment. Cardboard boxes can also be put to secondary use once they have reached their shipping destination, allowing for an even higher level of sustainability.

6. Stand Out from the Competition

High-quality custom-made products give your packaging that certain something. Whether you ship your products directly to customers or to retailers, attractive and colorful packaging can strengthen your brand quality and increase your chances of recognition. You can choose to display your company’s logo, color scheme, name, or tag. However, you choose personalized options, customizing your boxes will help you maintain a strong brand identity.

By Williumson

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