Be a Rockstar Event Planner with the Ultimate Attendee Management System for Concerts and Festivals 

You must evaluate your unique needs while trying to locate the best event management software for your company. Event technology benefits concert and festival organizers of all stripes, but not all of them require the same capabilities and functionalities. Every organization needs a visitor management system, whether they are enormous organizations that host hundreds of events annually or small organizations that only host one major event every year.

How can you determine what features you need from an event marketing and management platform? You must first comprehend the situation. You might find solutions on the cloud-in-hand platform that you had no idea existed. Once you are aware of what is available, you can consider the advantages of using Stratus-io as a time and attendance tracking software.

There are a few things to look for when evaluating event planners for concerts and festivals.

1. Outstanding client service 

Learning and integrating new technology takes time. Pick a provider who can give you the resources you need to succeed and the necessary support.

2. A partner

 Look for a business that wants to do more than just provide you with a product and disappear. Product specialists assist event planners in improving their ability to create memorable events that succeed thanks to insightful client feedback.

3. One unified platform: 

It offers you access to everything you need from one team and acts as a one-stop shop.

4. A variety of comparable clientele or businesses to your own

Does the service provider focus on intimate social gatherings? Massive corporations? Can their technology scale?

The benefits of working with a visitor management system include:

Easy to Implement

You can build up stations quickly on Windows, Android, or iOS. Download the application, enter your preferences, and quickly make sure your office is safe and healthy. Choose optional floor or wall-mounted kiosks for a stylish and safe experience for each device type.

Check-In Using No Contact

Visitors can choose to check in just through their phones. Visitors who pre-register through email receive QR codes in their emails. Visitors scan the QR code on their phone’s display for a contactless check-in and present it to the check-in kiosks.

Logs of Visitors & Registration

Using their phone, visitors pre-register. You can personalize sign-up forms just to request the data you need. Create informative visitor logs to show your business’s activity clearly. You can simply search and filter through your visitor sign-in logs, and reports are readily available in real time.

Works for Staff Members Too!

For an exact personnel count, your team uses stratus-io. Supports RFID and NFC? Simple, use RFID badge readers or gateways under the idChamp and Scanfob brands. Utilize your current badges for on-site registration and checkout. You have a complete accounting for customers and workers during true emergencies and exercises.

Badge Printing

Create visitor badges that look polished. The sticker badge is imprinted with the visitor’s information. For a smooth experience, print badges before check-in or at registration.

How does it work?

  • Control who has access to VIP or restricted areas by allocating access levels to guests before the event. Event employees can scan credentials autonomously or set up uncrewed stations for hassle-free admission using picture identification matching.
  • Avoid complicated spreadsheets and long lineups when checking attendees in. Install kiosks for check-in at the entrances or scan RFID tags, QR codes, or barcodes with handheld scanners.
  • Gather lead data without interfering with conversations or entering inaccurate information. When entering vendor areas, attendees can scan their badges or tickets, and vendors can immediately collect and transfer accurate contact information to their database.

The bottom Line

Time & Attendance Tracking Software helps to check in your visitors faster and easier than you ever thought possible during concerts and festivals. Utilize QR codes for quick contactless check-in. Your visitors are professionally, efficiently, and safely managed using the visitor management system. 

By Williumson

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