10 Super Easy Pelvic Exercises for Men That are Doable at Home

Pelvic Exercises are the best alternative treatment option for many people suffering from prostate and erectile problems. But some people have hectic lifestyles that do not allow them to go for a gym membership. So here is the list of ten best pelvic floor exercises that can be done at the home

1. Kettle Bell

KettleBell is a simple exercise that helps you boost blood flow and strengthen your core. Just spread your legs and swing the ball slowly. This motion will stretch your core and pelvic region and provide strength to them.

2. Plank 

Plank is another pelvic exercise that ultimately affects your core, back, and pelvic region. Lie down to your stomach, push up position, and align your body to hold for as long as you are comfortable and return to the initial situation. This situation will bring your back, core, and pelvic muscles to some extensive work and make them stronger.

3. Kegels

Kegels are a set of exercises specifically designed for pelvic region strength. These kegel exercises are more predominantly used as a treatment method of erectile dysfunction. If you say that kegel is one of the famous Sex Exercises, then Yes, kegel has many magical effects on your bedtimes. So do it daily to enjoy life. One of the most straightforward steps in kegel exercises is to sit down on the floor and slowly contract your anal muscles inwards and release it slowly. Repeat the process till you feel comfortable.

4. Squats 

 The squat is another one of the Pelvic exercises that you can do at your home. To perform Squat, Stand straight and slowly sit down but keep your hips and knees in line with your back straight. In this way, you can obtain the most advantages of the squat for your pelvic floor region. 

5. Runner Lounge 

 The runner lounge is an easy and effective pelvic floor exercise. You can do it anywhere within the home. Bring your one leg out in front of you while keeping your other leg behind and lean forward towards your front leg. This motion will help in stretching your thigh and pelvic muscles and make them stronger.


6. Split Tabletop 

 Tabletop is a set of exercises that help in stretching your pelvic region muscles. To perform the Split Tabletop, lie down on your back and raise your legs slowly when your knees are rich in the same level as your hip, then gradually create a distance between your knees. Move back to your original position after that position and relax. Do it daily to see its magical effects on your pelvic muscles.

7. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is the most straightforward pelvic exercise in this list that needs just a little effort from your side. Get down on your stomach and elevate the top of the body as much as possible while keeping the bottom of the body on the floor. This pose will stretch your core, back, and Pelvic muscles and fill them with strength.

8. Happy Baby Pose 

 The happy baby pose is a simple but effective pose that helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles without much effort. Just go to your bed or on a yoga mat with your back facing the floor and raise both your legs upwards and hold them in line with your hips level. This exercise will provide endurance strength to your pelvic muscles. 

9. Bridge 

The bridge is another exercise that can be performed on the floor or in the bed. To perform it, get on your back and bring your toes near your knees and raise your lover’s body and try to keep your upper body on the floor. While keeping your lower body, try to keep your body in a symmetrical pose, then return to the initial potion. 

10. Ashwini Yoga

 Ashwini Yoga is technically not an exercise, but its effectiveness for the pelvic region is world known. Sit down in a comfortable position and breath slowly while breathing in; contract your anal area and release it when breathing out. This simple motion will gradually strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Bottom Line

Here are all the easiest and Home doable pelvic exercises. Do them regularly to see their effects on your body. Please start with the most straightforward exercises according to you first, then gradually move towards the more challenging activities.