How to know if someone blocked you on iMessage

If you are not able to contact someone then it is possible that the other person has blocked you but how do you know if the other person has blocked you or not. 

So, the users do not need to worry about this as we have got it covered it for the users as in this blog we are going to tell the users about ‘how to know if someone blocked you on iphoneso let us begin to know about the same so that the users can use this information for their use. 

Checking if someone has blocked the users on their iphone or not. 

If the users suspect that someone has blocked them they need to first try to send a text the other person and if they see the delivered notification on the screen then it shows that the user is not blocked and users can contact them. But if the users receive a notification of message not delivered then the users are certainly blocked and they will not be able to contact the other person. 

Next thing the users can try for ‘how to tell if someone blocked your number on iphone’ the users can try to call that person and if the call goes right away to the voicemail or if it rings once and then goes to voicemail then this is the perfect evidence that the other person has blocked the users. 

Now, the users need to hang up and then they need to call again but this time the users need to dial *67 before the users type in the phone number they have to contact. If it rings then through normally with this masked phone or even if the other person has answered the call then this surely means that the number of the users has been blocked. 

After the users know that they the other person has blocked them which means the users cannot contact them anymore, however, if the users have some urgent work with them then they can contact them using another number which has not been blocked. To know more about iphone and its other features the users need to visit website named onlinehubb which will help the users with all the details and information they have been looking for. Also, the users can find any information without any issues on this blog as it is a simple site to use.

By Williumson

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