As the year 2022 is going to end, you may be thinking of your tax return. My tax team is providing you with some of the best tips to save your money. Have you ever thought about why you are paying so much tax? If yes, than we have got the perfect solution to your problem. Get our tax planning services for the best tax minimization techniques—however, check out these tips to save your hard-earned money.

Pre-pay your expenses:

You should pay your expenses for the coming year in the current year. For instance, you can pay for your insurance, rent, or subscription to any professional association. This helps you to detect the coming year’s expenses up to 12 months in the current year.

Use the benefit of 150,000 instant write-off.

This particular tip will help you to minimize the assessable tax of the business assets you purchased, both new and used.

Review your invoicing

Always review the current tax year invoices; if feasible, you should postpone some of them until the following year.

Contribution to super:

Enhance your voluntary superannuation contributions. Each year you can contribute up to $25000 in the deductible super contributions.

Review debtors

Always review your debtors, and if there are any unrecoverable debts, you should write them off. These debts will come from your incomes in the year in which you write them off, not the year you invoiced them.

Use the proper investment structure.

Analyze your business structure, personal assets, and where you have made investments. There are some structures that can be used to cap or reduce tax rates. For instance, a company structure is limited to a 27.5% tax rate that can make a massive difference if the investments make big profits.

Document evert trust resolutions.

Every year before June 30, the trustees of trusts must document their resolutions on how the income is distributed among the beneficiaries. If an exact resolution isn’t initiated by its time, any default beneficiaries become entitled to trust incomes and can be taxed. On the other hand, if an income is taken but isn’t distributed, the trust will be assessed at a major marginal tax rate.

Early-stage investment companies

Investing in early-stage investment companies helps you to take advantage of big concessions. If you are making an investment in a new company, the ESIC gives you a 20% tax offset on the amount you invest. These investments are also free from capital gains tax for a period of 10 years. As a result, if you hold investments for less than ten years and sell them. You won’t be paying any additional tax.

Early-stage venture capital limited partnership

It is almost the same as an early-stage investment company structure, but it is expanded to combine multiple investors. This tip allows you to gain a 10% tax offset on the amount of any investment you make.

Negative gearing on any investment properties

If the incomes of your investment property are less than the expenses you pay to hold it. If that’s the case, claim a tax deduction for this amount. However, this technique only works if the underlying asset is increasing in value.

Look into income protection.

Investing in income protection not only gives you peace of mind that your family will be getting money if anything happens to you, but it can also help you to claim a tax deduction.


Review your depreciation schedule and see if there are items that are no longer necessary, write them off immediately.

Delay deriving assessable income

If applicable, and if it doesn’t hurt your cash flow, you should defer some of your income until after June 30. Most of the time, income is considered to be earned when:

  • You receive a payment.
  • Provided goods.
  • Performed some kind of services.

However, this service is only available if you registered for GST on a cash basis.

Complete a stock take

Evaluate your stocks and write off any stock that is obsolete or damaged. Your stock can be valued at a lower cost or net realizable value.

Advantages of tax rebates

Make sure you get benefits from all applicable tax rebates. There are multiple rebates that may apply, such as medical expenses, spouse super contributions, and educational rebates.

Keep thorough records

If you keep your records thoroughly, it will automatically increase your chances of minimizing the taxes.

My Tax team has the best team of CPAs for your small businesses. In addition, we have a rich history of working with big corporations. Moreover, our accounting firm in dallas will make sure that you have to minimize tax.

By Williumson

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