SuperCritical fluid dyeing: Need of the future

Before jumping into this topic we need to have an introduction about supercritical fluid dying.  Or die or we can say dyestuffs can be defined as a colorful organic substance or a kind of mixture that can be utilized 2 impact their color to a substrate like cloth Kumar plastic, paper, or red leather permanently.  Dyes can be classified on basis of their chemical structure and they are composed of various groups of atoms that are known as chromophores that are actually responsible for the color of the dye.

It is noticed that over 10,000 different dyes, as well as pigments, are being used in industries, and also synthetic dyes are produced annually throughout the world.  Many industries are treating the wastewater that is generated by them and sent to the wastewater to rectally in the rivers that contain harmful chemicals which have a diverse effect on aquatic life.

 Now let us know that what are supercritical fluid..

A supercritical fluid extraction system is just a kind of fluid that is highly compressed gas that can attach properties of gases as well as liquids in an integrating method.  it is a kind of substance that can be used together as liquid or as gas in a state that is above the critical temperature and also the critical pressure they’re both gases and liquids can coexist.  This shows all very distinctive property that is different from other gases and liquids under some conditions.

 As told earlier that supercritical fluid has both gaseous and liquid property so it can be able to penetrate into anything and even can dissolve material into their components.  Carbon dioxide is one of the best examples of supercritical fluid.

What is supercritical fluid dying?

In this process carbon dioxide has the main role of supercritical fluid reason being that carbon dioxide is easily available as well as cheap and non flammable.  One of the most important advantages of this process is that the solvent can easily be converted into gas by just releasing the pressure on the residues of the solvent that requires no evaporation.  Due to low viscosity and high diffusion of the properties of the molecules dissolved are specially best aspects for dyeing processes.

Super critical fluid how’s the property to dissolve the solid dyestuffs and they can also penetrate in the smallest holes with no need of vigorous process convection processes.

Here is the reason why supercritical time is much better than conventional dying processes.

·         No damage to the fiber is caused

·         There is no energy consumption

·         It is an environment-friendly process

·         Very less time as compared to conventional dyeing

·        There is no need of dispersing

·         No wastewater is generated as water is not used while dying


Supercritical fluid extraction has been established really successfully in past few years.  The rate is being increased day by day and it can be seen how to flash Lee the manufacturers are building and installing their machines for supercritical fluid extraction.  This technology of dying is their sustainable success overall very long development time.

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