Ludo Rules is counted as one of the most trending online games these days. The game involves unmatchable excitement and being an easy-to-play game, the game is popular among players of all age groups. The game involves some rules and if you thoroughly understand these essential details then you have a larger possibility of winning this game. From opening your tokens from the yard to making them reach the home of your respective colour, everything is set according to the rules of ludo. If you are wondering what are the rules of the online ludo games then continue reading to get all the important information about this exciting game!

Ludo Rules

6 Rules of the Online Ludo Games

Whether you are a rookie or an expert gamer, there are some important rules of ludo that can’t be just avoided. If you wish to be unbeatable in the game and are interested in knowing all about it then here are the details for you! 

  1. Number of Challengers
    Ludo can be played between two to four challengers while playing online. However, if you are playing the game on WinZO then there can be up to four challengers, each playing individually. Whenever you opt to play the ludo game, the new game starts every 10-15 seconds and meanwhile, the challengers join in the game room. If at least one player joins in within the given time then the game commences. The maximum number of players who can play in a ludo game room is four. 
  2. Opening Tokens
    While playing ludo on WinZO, the token opens with your first chance. However, if any of your tokens gets cut by an opponent then you need to roll a 6 on your dice to reopen your token. Usually, in the game of ludo, a token opens only when you roll a 6 on your dice, however, when you play ludo on WinZO, your tokens open over the first chance itself. 
  3. Covering the Route 
    While playing an online ludo game, another important rule is that all the token moves in a clockwise direction. Each player gets four tokens of their respective colour and whenever you choose a token to move it will only move in a clockwise direction. Suppose, you roll a four on dice then the chosen token will move four steps in the clockwise direction, proceeding towards the home of your respective colour. 
  4. Capturing the opponent’s token
    Capturing or cutting your opponent’s token is an important part of the ludo game. While playing ludo on the WinZO, you get a specific time period to gather maximum points in your pocket and during such a situation, grabbing others’ tokens plays a crucial role. This not only gives you additional points but also slows down your opponent’s game. Now, when it comes to the rules related to capturing the tokens, you can cut any token that comes your way. Suppose, one of your opponent’s tokens is residing five steps ahead and during your chance, the dice rolls a five. Here, you can move this particular token to cut your opponent’s piece and slow down their pace. You will also earn additional points for doing so. 
  5. Using more tokens at a time
    You get four tokens to play the online ludo game and the aim is to make them reach the home of your respective colour as early as possible. You can bring in as many tokens out of these four into the game. There is no such rule of keeping the limited use of these tokens. If you want, you can keep your game spread out by using all four tokens at a time. This gives you comparatively more opportunities of grabbing others’ tokens and simultaneously if someone else cuts your token, then you always have a backup to cover up. 
  6. Completion
    The task of your tokens completes only when all the four tokens of your respective colour reach the home. The more tokens reach the completion, the more will be your points. But, to make your pieces reach the home, you need to complete the entire route. If you fail to make your tokens reach home, then there is a possibility that you lose the game as the player who makes all their tokens reach home is declared the winner of the game.  

The rules of the online ludo games are quite simple and do not restrict you from planning your game. In fact, these provide more structure to the game, eventually bringing a unique blend of excitement. Now, when you don’t need to think more about what are the rules of the online ludo game, it’s time for you to start playing the game. If you wish to have the best experience of the online ludo then you can download the WinZO app and have enthralling gaming encounters. You also get a chance to win real cash with all your wins. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Rules Of The Online Ludo Games

Is it safe to play ludo online?

The safety depends upon the gaming platform on which you are playing the game. If you wish to have a 100% safe and secured gaming experience then download the WinZO app and also get cash-based rewards for all your wins. 

Why is online ludo trending these days?

Online ludo games are gaining popularity as these are quite easy to play and require simply tricks and strategies to win a game. Playing ludo games also gives chance to win real cash, however, you need to make sure that you invest your time on a trusted platform. 

Can I win cash by playing ludo?

The WinZO app is India’s most trusted gaming platform to play cash-based games. You can play online ludo games on WinZO and also take part in various championships to have a jackpot in your hand!

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