How can digital marketing help me grow my business?

Small and medium businesses are often confused about which avenue is better for marketing: digital or traditional? Many things factor into this decision, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how a company wants to present itself. Digital can be very cost-effective and produce excellent results, but in some cases, a company wants to appeal more to older generations who may still feel uncomfortable with technology. Traditional methods are your more tried and true solutions, but they might not be the best for reaching younger audiences who are less inclined to shop by physically walking into stores.

Traditional marketing strategies differ from those of online digital marketing strategies. Businesses have used these approaches to their benefit but won’t excel in a fast-shifting business environment. If a company uses traditional ways to attract and acquire customers, it will be time to learn how to devise, measure and track digital campaigns. Turning a different approach into a habit can help businesses shed unproductive behaviours that might be holding them back from achieving success.

Are you still thinking about the decision to move from Traditional to Digital? Here are a few more reasons to convince you more about the transition!

1. Reach more people around the world 

  • Digital marketing allows you to enter new markets with little difficulty and cost. You can choose a city of your choice or radius encompassing an area of interest, and your audience will be vast. These campaigns are also simple to set up, so you can begin immediately!

2. It saves costs

  • Small businesses often don’t have the large budget required for television and billboard advertisements. There are many different ways in which small businesses can advertise to consumers. Because most companies don’t have a sizable advertising budget, digital marketing may be the best option to reach audiences at a lower cost than other forms of advertising.

3. Keep track of all your costs and expenditures.

  • Digital marketing enables data collecting at the finest detail of granular level. Such detailed information will help formulate a precise segmentation model to target precisely those customers that matter, thus making the marketing process more cost-effective than ever before. Simultaneously, it’s crucial never to neglect traditional promotion channels like trade fairs, leafletting or magazines because often, the most valuable customer insights can be gathered through such old-fashioned methods.

4. Increased revenues 

  • This is the land of digital. Digital Marketing helps to generate higher revenue compared to traditional channels. Small and medium enterprises using digital marketing sources will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business.

5. Target the audience you want 

  • Digital marketing can target a relatively small portion of the total population with very granular and specific messaging. This makes it incredibly effective for reaching prospects and turning leads into customers and sales within your desired geographic areas. The great thing about digital marketing is you can go back and change the message or content anytime you’d like! So if something wasn’t working one week, you can simply go back in and tweak things so that your audience better understands how their world will be impacted by entrusting their brand loyalty and hard-earned money to your business.

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