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Over time everything changes, like the toilets. But why do we still see so many standard close coupled toilets around? There are many reasons for it, but one thing is for sure the lack of options in types is not one of them. Toilets are available in several types, designs, and shapes. So, when you go for buying one for your next bathroom makeover project, you can consider various available options. While the close-coupled toilets have been there for the last decades, they are not going to disappear any time soon. One thing worthy of considering is that these standard toilets are not the same design as they used to be in the past. 

 Despite there being more attractive looking and compact wall hung toilets available. So, what are the differences between the two, and if the floating style toilet is better looking, then why the close coupled toilets are still popular? In this blog, we are going to answer all of these questions.

Close Coupled Toilets Vs. Wall Hung Toilets – Difference in Shape.

close coupled toilets uk

The close coupled toilets: The toilet pan and cistern are close joins to work and appear like a single unit. On the other hand, the wall-hung toilets have clearly distinguishable two parts. 

One is the toilet bowl, and the other is the cistern. However, its cistern has the shape that is compact in a tray-like shape that fits inside the wall. So, it completely remains hidden while the bowl protrudes out that a user can access and use. 

If you look at a close coupled toilet, it appears as the toilet flush tank sits on the back of the bowl. It is because both parts are joined together to make it a single unit that works as a toilet for you. On the other hand, the wall-hung toilets are sold as two main parts separately. So, the bathroom fitter connected them when fitting. In such type of toilet, you only see a toilet bowl while everything else is concealed. The bowl for such toilets is usually compact, while the cistern is a flat shape. So, both have major differences in their appearance this way. 

The difference in The Way These Toilets Fit. 

A major distinguishable difference between them is the way these fit. It is because the close coupled style is a floor-standing toilet that completely sits on the floor. While on the other hand, the wall-hung-style toilet is not a floor standing but fits entirely on the wall. There is no part of such a toilet that touches the ground, and it has empty space down under the bowl. 

Impact on the Overall Bathroom Looks 

Both of these toilets impact the overall bathroom looks differently. For example, a close coupled toilet depending on the design you choose can give your bathroom the desired appearance. You can find these in both standard or classic s and contemporary styles. While the wall-hung toilets almost always have a minimalist impression on your overall bathroom aesthetics. In addition to that, these are more taken as a modern or luxurious style and therefore extensively installed for creating a contemporary bathroom.

Space Requirements

Both the close-coupled toilets and wall-hung toilets have different space requirements. For example, the typical close coupled toilet is a suitable design for a family or standard-size bathroom in the UK. While the wall-hung toilets, due to their compact space-saving design, are a preferable option for small bathrooms. However, that does not mean you cannot install a standard pick in the small space. These are also extensively installed in the cloakroom or small spaces, but the first preference should be given to the floating style as it uses less space and makes your bathroom appear bigger than it really is. 

Ease of Installation.

Though both are great options there is a huge difference in their ease of installation. The close-coupled toilets are pretty straightforward and easy to install. Perhaps a tech-savvy person can easily install it as a DIY project over a week. However, it is not the same case with floating-style toilets. You will need to break the wall to fit the cistern inside. Which sometimes becomes a lot of hassle. Moreover, the wall where you are going to fit in everything should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the person using the toilet. So, that makes it difficult to install that only a bathroom fitter can handle. 

Final Thoughts. 

Both toilets have major differences in shape, overall impact, space requirements, costs, and ease of installation. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference and bathroom requirements on which basis you should determine your preferred toilet type. 

By Williumson

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