When you’re ready to quit smoking, you have already won half the battle. However, the path to a nicotine-free life is a difficult one, and we need to plan accordingly if we want our efforts to bear fruit.

We all know the dangers of nicotine exposure and how much it impacts our bodies and the environment. One would think that would make quitting a lot easier. However, trying to drop this bad habit without a plan can become a Sisyphean task.

That’s why we have put together a series of steps that will help you painlessly kick the habit for good.

Find A Reason To Quit

As we mentioned before, knowing how harmful nicotine addiction is should be a powerful enough reason to quit. After all, we all want to lead healthier lives. However, our minds often require our decisions to have a deeper meaning.

Some find it is easier to quit smoking as part of becoming more disciplined with their daily routines. Others want to provide their families with a more structured environment. Taking care of more chores around the house always helps focus our energy on more positive aspects of our lives. We can start small by cleaning up our room and bathroom and then expand to other areas in our homes.

Another good example is quitting nicotine as part of a conscious effort to start leading a healthier life through a controlled diet and physical activity.

Finding a good reason will give you a clear idea of your first step towards a nicotine-free life.

Schedule in advance

Now that you know the kind of person you want to become, you can decide when you want to start your efforts. While it is not a bad idea to start right away, giving yourself a few days to prepare allows you to put together some strategies in your mind that will help you keep momentum once you start.

Make sure you pick a day that is not too far into the future, reducing the chances of forgetting or “postponing” it.

Talk to your loved ones

Having emotional support is of great help when trying to quit smoking. Let your friends and family know about your plan. You might find that they want to join you in your exercise routines or that they too want to lead a healthier life. Moreover, they will likely encourage you to resist the urge to light up a cigarette during your moments of weakness.

Avoid Triggers

Sometimes we develop a strong association between smoking and other activities. We basically can’t do one without the other. These activities are what some call triggers, as they can activate the zones in our brain that can make quitting harder. It is essential to understand that these are conditioned behaviors, and we can retrain them.

For example, if you always smoke when you drink coffee, you can switch to other hot beverages while you’re in the process of quitting. If you like to light up a cigarette right after every meal, you should replace that habit with something else like brushing your teeth or going for a walk. That way, you can retrain your body and adopt more positive habits.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

While it is entirely possible to quit smoking abruptly, only 6 percent of these attempts are successful. So if you want your efforts to have a lasting effect, you need to understand why your body craves that nicotine fix.

Fortunately, many studies have found that non nicotine vapes can help quit smoking.

While nicotine is the main reason people get addicted to cigarettes, it is only part of what makes smoking a relaxing activity.

If taken separately, the process of inhaling vapor and releasing it into the environment is known to have calming effects that can help with anxiety or even increase concentration in many instances. The problem is that nicotine is an addictive substance that causes the brain to release mood-altering chemicals making us feel good temporarily but also generating dependency. The body also releases substances like epinephrine that overstimulate our bodies and increase blood pressure and heart rate. When the effects of these substances wear off, our bodies respond with episodes of irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and intense cravings that make concentration almost impossible.

The combustion of cigarettes also releases other byproducts like ash and tar that, when inhaled, deposit in our lungs, throats, and teeth.

One of the most effective ways to quit smoking while enjoying the relaxing properties of generating beautiful white clouds of vapor is with the help of premium non-nicotine vape kits.

Cyclone Pods offers non-addictive vape kits that generate flavor-rich and wholesome clouds that help ease the effects of nicotine withdrawal with none of the side effects of nicotine replacement therapies or pills. Visit their website today, and learn more about their 100% vegan non nicotine vape products.

By Williumson

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