Whether you have moved to a new house or have been residing in your existing one for a long time, a gas leak detector is an essential aspect of home protection. Depending on their design, they detect the presence of a wide range of toxic and combustible gas in the environment. After the presence is detected, you will receive a text on your phone or an alarm set off. 

Residential gas leak detectors have been proven lifesavers in many situations.

It monitors the environment for potentially dangerous situations and alerts the residents. 

• Gases You Should Look Out For

Natural gas is used in numerous households for cooking and central heating appliances. It consists of propane and methane. It is a colorless and odorless gas to which a distinctive smell is added to help people detect when there is leakage. However, it might be difficult or too late for residents to detect the leakage, leading to health issues.

When inhaled natural gas, it can cause breathing issues, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, throat and eye irritation. However, exposure to a high level of natural gas can cause severe health conditions, such as lack of coordination, loss of consciousness, and death due to suffocation. We can’t overlook the fact that natural gas, when exposed to fire, can cause an explosion. 

• Gas Leak Detectors to the Rescue

The residential gas leak detectors are an excellent tool that alerts the residents about natural gas leakage and offers them a safety blanket. Each gas leak detector is designed with an LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) rating. This rating indicates the percentage of natural gas present in the environment. When your alarm detects the natural gas percentage same or above the designed LEL, the alarm will be immediately set off. 

The safe LEL level of natural gas is 5 to 15%. Experts recommend buying a gas leak detector between these LEL values to offer you sufficient time to take the appropriate action during the leakage without being exposed to the harmful level of natural gas. 

• Considerations to Make While Buying the Gas Leak Detector 

Depending on the design of the gas leak detector, it can identify more than one gas. Most home gas leak detectors are designed to identify:
1. Natural Gas
2. Methane
3. Propane
4. Ethane
5. Butane
6. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

When purchasing a gas leak detector for your home, we recommend confirming which gas or gases it will detect with the manufacturer. Purchase one that meets your requirements. Other factors that you should contain while buying gas leak detectors are:

• LEL Limit

As mentioned above, the LEL limit indicates the percentage of natural gas level in the environment at which the gas leak detector will set off. Experts recommend selecting a gas leak detector with an LEL level between 6% and 10%.

• Type of Alarm

While buying a gas leak detector, look for one with a sound and light alarm combination. For instance, a siren alarm with an LCD message flash is an ideal choice. Place the alarm strategically in the house so that it can alert your family member in any part of the house.

• Battery Life

Buy a gas leak detector that is equipped with an indicator. It will help you quickly check whether the device is turned on or not. Test your sensor every month and replace the batteries when required.

• Expiration Date

Each gas leak detector has an expiry date, and you must consider this information before making a choice. Also, ensure that the manufacturer offers you a product warranty. 

• Easy to Install and Use

When buying a gas leak detector, don’t forget to check with the manufacturer about its installation process and ease of use. The last thing you want is to hire a technician and deal with complex wiring for the device installation. Nowadays, you can easily find gas leak detectors with easy plug-in and wall mount technology that can save your time and effort.

• Style

When adding new elements to your house, you always consider how well it incorporates the interiors. When purchasing a gas leak detector, you don’t need to compromise with the aesthetic requirements. Leading manufacturers offer a compact, sleek device that blends with your home decoration.

Wrapping Up

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of natural gas leakage with a gas leak detector. It helps you to monitor the gases concentration in indoor air and alert you of the potential threat. It is an excellent investment and a must for every homeowner. 

By Williumson

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