Packaging robotics provides a multitude of benefits in applications throughout the manufacturing sector. Packaging robots, when compared to manual processes, bring the accuracy, speed, and productivity that automation is known for, while delivering a reasonably quick and high ROI. In this context, packaging machine OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is the term used to measure the extent to which the packaging machine is effective in facilitating the packaging line. In addition to measuring the downtime and production losses, OEE helps identify their root causes in a packaging line.

Packaging Robotics

Manufacturing has been greatly benefited by technology for quite some time, and the use of industrial robots is an essential component of the packaging manufacturing process.

In recent years, as technologies like artificial intelligence and automated quality assurance systems became more widely adopted, robot-based automation has become increasingly advantageous in the packaging and manufacturing industry. Automation provides greater flexibility as well as enhanced quality control owing to the minimal involvement of human workers. Packaging robotics solutions are designed to perform a variety of functions, including the handling of materials, the movement, or packing of goods, as well as the sealing and labeling of packages. This enables products to be packaged with more uniformity, quality, and accuracy, compared to the traditional manual processes. Articulated robots, Cartesian robots, SCARA robots, and Delta robots are some of the most common robots used in the packaging industry.

Packaging Machine OEE

There have been many approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of packaging equipment and entire packaging lines over the course of the past decades. This is where the idea of packaging machine OEE comes into play. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) refers to a methodical approach for analyzing the efficiency of individual packaging machines as well as entire packaging lines. By measuring specific key parameters, OEE is able to calculate the efficiency of the packaging process, in addition to numerous other processes in an industrial setup. The ease of implementation is one of the most notable qualities of the OEE concept. Only three primary considerations are used in the calculation of OEE: availability, performance, and quality. By calculating the OEE over a period of time for the packaging equipment and lines, you can find places where they aren’t working as well. This will also help identify the root causes for such problems, so that you can find remedial measures.

By Williumson

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