Now, with the intermediary company as the center, this “one-stop service,” from order placement, to writers writing on behalf of authors to publishing articles on behalf of magazines, has formed an industrial chain of buying and selling papers.

Online customer service is warm and thoughtful to attract business.

When a Science and Technology Daily reporter searched for “write my thesis” on Baidu, the top one was “Worry-Free” Click on the website to see the Yiliu QQ account and Taobao customer service. The papers are divided according to academic background and discipline.

The reporter contacted a customer service staff in charge of master’s and doctoral dissertations and pretended to ask them to write a master’s dissertation in international trade. There was an echo soon. The customer service first respectfully thanked the reporter for choosing them among many essays writing companies and then sent back a website for the reporter to place an order. As required, the reporter placed an order for a 30,000-word master’s thesis in international trade. Ten minutes later, a pricing receipt was sent to the reporter’s mailbox, indicating that experts and teachers for 7,000 yuan assessed the paper that the reporter wanted, and the paper would be handed in a month later.

After the reporter complained that it was too expensive, the customer service smiled and “comforted” and said, “Actually, it’s not expensive anymore. We are all professional gold medal writers who write master and doctoral theses, and you bought the copyright.” According to the customer service, the company’s writers are divided into three categories: the first category is professional gold medal writers, who are the most experienced professors, experts, and masters of famous universities; the second category is a general professional writer, but also has a master’s degree or above; the third category is the third category. Wait, she is a non-professional writer who is not in the book. “We usually write first-class and second-class writers for master’s thesis.”

In addition to the writer, the subject major, the paper’s purpose, and delivery time are also the criteria for the pricing of the paper. The customer service said that in terms of a master’s thesis, the management thesis is “cheap,” only 5,000 yuan. Computers, Medicine, Biology, Mechanics, and Art, have the highest prices.

According to the customer service introduction, the reporter placed an order for another computer paper. Similarly, there was a reply soon with the exact specification as the previous international trade paper, and the asking price was 11,000 yuan. The reporter asked if the service received at such a high fee is one-to-one, and the customer service replied: “Of course! From writing to editing, it is one-to-one service. After taking your order, the writer will not pick up other people simultaneously.”

According to the reporter’s investigation results, for a 30,000-word computer paper, out of the 11,000 yuan fee, the writer gets 2,400 yuan, and the intermediary company’s income is 8,600 yuan, accounting for 78.1% of the customer’s payment.

To reassure users, many papers are written and distributed on behalf of websites, and transactions are completed through third-party trading platforms. In addition to remittances through traditional banks, Alipay and Taobao are commonly used payment methods.

According to customer service, the first step of payment methods on general websites is to evaluate the price by an “expert” after placing an order and then make a 10% deposit to the seller. After the seller receives the remittance, the seller will send a topic for the buyer to choose. In the second step, when the buyer pays another 30%, the seller will send the thesis outline and half of the thesis to the buyer. In the third step, the seller will send the full text to the buyer again when the buyer finally pays the balance.

The reporter found that a crown store called “Howie Wanfang VIP Paper Download Paper Detection Paper Publishing Soft Paper Writing,” on the surface, operates an account transaction that provides download site papers. Still, the online store’s homepage reads “Junior, undergraduate, master’s degree.” Introduction to the service of thesis writing and publishing, such as doctoral graduation thesis writing, title thesis customization”, “100% publication,” and so on. This online shop is not listed in the search results of “thesis writing.” It is unknown how many online shops like this are “selling dog meat.” So, does Taobao allow papers to be traded on its platform?

The reporter contacted Yan Qiao from the public relations department of Yan Qiao said that ghostwriting is a transaction that Taobao does not allow. Taobao’s machine inspection system checks whether products and transactions comply with regulations daily and will immediately ask them to stop once illegal transactions are found. However, Taobao has more than 800 million products, so it will take some time to discover illegal products to remove the shelves. “But it will be taken off the shelves in the short term, and they will not be allowed to complete the transaction.” However, the reporter found that many online shops for essay writing were opened in 2008, and there were still sales records until the beginning of May 2011.

After browsing the Buy Essay Online website under the banner of Alipay payment provided by the reporter, Mr. Zhu of Alipay’s public relations department explained that these transactions were all made through using Alipay as a payment platform. Since Taobao is an open platform, there may be opportunities for illegal transactions. Still, they will also make efforts to investigate and deal with them promptly and will stop the transaction when they find it.

“Just as telecommunications provide network services, and there is no guarantee that what people using telecommunications say on the Internet is correct, it is our helplessness to use Alipay to conduct illegal transactions on Taobao.” Mr. Zhu said they would be severe Deal with these essay writing transactions and reply to reporters as soon as possible. But until the deadline, the reporter did not receive a reply from Alipay regarding the processing of the ghostwriting website.

By Williumson

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