Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest steps to take in a smoker’s life. We do not consider it a hard choice in vain. Some solid reasons back this fact. People who have had the experience of quitting cigarettes will agree with the truth that there are multiple challenges to it. The sudden change in the body brings noticeable health outcomes. To face the trauma of weight gain, acne breakouts, and irresistible cravings post quitting smoking is complex. 

Today’s writing aims to propose some best cigarette alternatives that will remedy your quitting cigarette journey. We suggest vapes to solve all those intractable problems that heavy smokers find hard to overcome. These simple-to-use gadgets will make the transition from tobacco-based cigarettes to tobacco-free vapes safe and easy. 

If you are still dubious about making the transition, then do not hesitate. The sooner you eliminate all the tar, hazardous chemicals, and harmful smoke from your body, the better it is. Let us begin by addressing the general idea about vaping before we move on to the best vapes for 2022.

What is the brief explanation of vapes?

Vaping these days has become synonymous with vape brands disposable. Apart from the disposable category, electronic cigarettes are available in various types. Each variety serves a different function and purpose. 

If you start vaping sooner or later, you should also become familiar with two ways. Two kinds of vaping devices can be found based on inhaling the flavorful vapour clouds. The first is called mouth-to-lung or MTL; the second is known as direct-to-lung or DTL. As far as the problem of quitting cigarettes is concerned, MTL is favourable. This style of vaping allows the vaper to experience the closest fun to smoking. 

Now, if we rate vape varieties in terms of the best e-cig to leave cigarettes, then pod devices are magical. They are convenient to operate and satisfactory to inhale. According to our suggestion, the second best option is a pen device. They are good to use if you do not count the extra work of refilling and recharging.

The price of a vape device will always depend on the disposable or regular e-cig brand. The quality, name, hype, and features decide the price of vape gadgets in the global market. On average, a good vape device can be purchased within the price range of $30 to $60.

What are the best vapes for 2022?

Aspire Minican

  • This kit includes the finest possible features of a reputable vape gadget. 
  • The rechargeable battery of 350mAh is commendable.
  • The battery uses a micro USB charging method. The device also features a LED light indicator to help you know about the remaining battery life.
  • Adding a 1.2-ohm mesh coil head has improved the airflow in Aspire Minican.
  • You can enjoy up to 2ml or 3ml of your favourite e-juice flavour in this kit.

Vaporesso GTX GO 80

  • This kit is sold with a label of being one of the best starter kits in vape town. It is pen style kit to help beginners in their vaping journey.
  • It features a solid and powerful built-in battery of 3000mAh. 
  • The unique specification of vaporesso is adjustable output power. It allows you to choose an output power between 5 to 80W.

Hype Max Flow

  • These devices two in one feature of a pod and a disposable variety of vapes.
  • It is redesigned smartly to produce maximum flavour.
  • Hype features a cylindrical 900mAh battery that goes on for over 2000 flavorful and satisfactory puffs.
  • The e-juice holding capacity of Hype devices is amazing. It can carry up to 6ml of e-liquid, which is far better than many pods and pen devices.
  • The quality that sets Hype gadgets apart from the rest is their airflow ring. This ring allows the vapers with the adjustment feature for perfect puffs. 

By Williumson

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