The purpose of SEO (search engine optimization) is to improve a site to rank higher in search results. While many tactics can play a part in SEO, a few can negatively impact your rankings. You can create a strategic plan with a reliable SEO agency in London to improve the ranking of your business in the UK.  

The important thing is to know the wrong approaches to avoid. So, let’s shed some light on some common mistakes that can affect your SEO ranking here in this article. Let’s get started.  

Mistakes You’re Making That Will Hurt Your Rankings  

Google is also notorious for punishing anyone caught using unethical methods to gain an advantage over others. Do not make these mistakes to avoid penalties.  

Websites not Being Audited  

Regular website audits let you evaluate and improve your site’s performance while keeping search engines and your target audience in mind. Is your website easy to navigate? Are visitors able to find the information they need with just a few clicks? Does your site work on mobile devices? Do you have a fast-loading site? 

Website audits examine all these factors and content quality, and technical SEO. You should do these regularly and track results to work on continuous improvement.  

Failure to Optimise Your Content  

You should optimise the content on your website to improve your SEO ranking. If you fail to optimise your website’s content, you cannot achieve a high ranking in the search engines. You should ensure that the content on your website is easy to read, meaningful, and readable. Keep your website’s content updated regularly if you want it to rank well. Your SEO ranking will rise since customers can easily find information about your brand when they search for it. It ensures that your brand’s online content aligns with the website.  

Overstuffing with Keywords  

Years ago, all you had to do to rank well was use your target term as many times as possible. Currently, this is far from the truth. Thanks to improved algorithms, search engines can now better detect this kind of behaviour. Content that uses too many keywords will lower your ranks because your content will appear odd and unhelpful. As a result, Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing to detect similar terms without reusing the exact keywords.  

The Device’s Compatibility  

Device compatibility is essential when it comes to SEO. Rankings will suffer when a website fails to work well on mobile devices. Google also considers how people interact with web pages and how different devices work. Visitors on smartphones will be hesitant to visit your website if your website is optimised for desktop browsers but not smartphones.  

Poor Design of Your Site  

A simple set of instructions can efficiently address this issue. Google detects poorly designed sites and penalises them indirectly because of finding that they aren’t as good as other sites. User-friendliness is the most significant factor in design. Maintain a nice balance between too-high and too-low contrast on your website.   

Mobile-friendly and accessible from any device is crucial for your website. A responsive site will appear higher in search results. Using Flash is not a smart idea. Since Apple disables Flash on iOS, your site will not display on mobile.  

Misunderstanding the Keywords and Pages’ Intent  

Failure to consider the intent of a specific keyword is one of the most common SEO mistakes. You should focus on the search intent when creating content for highly relevant topics.  

Is your target market looking to get information and advice, or do they want to buy something? Search engine result pages (SERPs) are critical to a business’s ranking. Understanding your audience’s purpose helps you rank higher.  

Ignoring Meta descriptions and Title Tags  

You must do more than insert keywords in terms of content optimisation. Title tags and meta descriptions are essential SEO components, and search engines use them to analyse your site.  

Content that complies with best practices for title tags and meta descriptions will improve. It’s important to use image tags because they inform Google’s bots about your images, which helps them index your site.  

Fail to Track Progress and Make Necessary Changes  

Another common SEO mistake is not tracking the campaign’s success and making needed adjustments. Monitor your rankings to know where you’re at and how you can improve them.  

You may become frustrated and lose hope in your SEO efforts when this happens. Tracking your progress can help you decide what needs to be done to increase your rankings and keep your website ranking high.  


Search engine optimisation is not as easy as you think, and it is difficult to remember everything you need to know. Optimising your sites for mobile devices, using the right keywords, and updating old content will all help you improve rankings. You can improve your site’s search engine ranking through the above steps.  

By Williumson

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