Creativity is an indispensable skill for kids of all ages. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised in order for it to grow stronger. It’s important that kids have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and discover new ways of solving problems, expressing ideas and creating art. Creativity seems to come naturally to some people while others struggle with it as though they were born with a hidden talent that they cannot access on a daily basis. 

However, creativity can also be learned through games, activities and workshops. The trick lies in finding the right activities that target kids’ natural creativity rather than forcing them into something artificial. You don’t have to have children yourself in order to understand how important it is for them to spend time this way. Maybe you know someone who has children? Or you know someone who doesn’t have any children but would like one one day? Either way, here are 10 games that will help your kids grow creatively:


Make-Believe Story Time

Kids love playing make-believe. It’s a great way to get them involved in the creative process. Many play dates and activities are more about socializing than creating. This is a great time to read books to kids and engage them in activities that encourage creativity like art, writing stories and making music. When adults take the time to play pretend with kids, they are modeling the behaviors and skills that are expected in the real world.


Cut and Paste

Kids love to be creative and to create things. However, they also need to learn how to be practical. Creative activities can be dangerous, so it’s important that kids learn to be careful and think through their actions before they start “messy” projects. One creative way to teach practicality is to have your kids cut and paste objects. 

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You can use plastic flowers, leaves, construction paper or whatever your kid likes to draw, paint or glue. This allows them to explore the properties of the different materials like weight and flexibility without the risks associated with glue or paint. Plus, it’s a great way to help kids learn to be more productive with their time. They can use paper and  scissors to make different shapes. After they are done, they can paste the shapes together to create a new design.



This is one of the oldest games of all time and it’s still a favorite today. Hide-and-seek is a great game for kids to practice mindfulness and self-awareness. It forces them to pay attention to their surroundings and their body while they’re doing something else. It also helps them learn to think on their feet and to improvise when things don’t go as planned. Kids can hide behind a couch or in a closet and then try to find each other when it’s their turn to be “it.” 

This game is a great way to teach them about cooperation and communication, as well as how to follow-through on tasks. You can also try a variation of this game by hiding treats such as raisins, M&Ms or candy under some couch cushions or in a closet. This way, your child can practice their tracking skills and learn to be more organized.


Scratching Games

Scratching is a great way for kids to learn how to be creative. Since they can use whatever they find on their own body as a medium, they’re forced to think outside the box and create something new out of what they have available. Scratching also helps kids to relieve stress and express themselves creatively. 

There are many different types of activities that you can do with your kids while they’re getting creative with a pen. You can try painting or drawing with them or you can go old school and have them draw funny pictures on paper. You can also try doingodling or creating your own unique alphabet.


Play with Puzzles and Toys

One of the best things you can do for your kids’ creativity is to challenge their thinking. This way, your kids will be forced to come up with interesting and useful ideas. One way to do this is to play with puzzles and toys together. There are many different types of puzzles that can help your kids practice their creativity. 

For example, there are jigsaw puzzles that require your kids to create something from a picture that they are given. There are also word puzzles that can be solved by rearranging the letters. Another way that puzzles can help your kids is by helping them to develop critical thinking skills. This is especially important if your kid is in a school environment where they are expected to solve problems and come up with creative solutions.


Drawing Workshop

Drawing is a great way for kids to work on their creativity and express themselves creatively. Drawing can be done in many different ways and with many different materials. You can use paper, construction paper, plastic, acrylic, or even your own skin! Drawing also can help your kids to improve their visual perspective, which is important for understanding spatial relations and patterns. Drawing workshops are a great way to challenge your kids’ creativity and help them to learn about art in a fun and engaging way. You can also try taking your kids to museums or art galleries to expose them to different types of art and creativity.


Music Time or Dance Party

This is probably the most obvious activity on this list, but it’s also one of the most important. Music and dance are powerful tools for creativity and expression. By incorporating music and dance into your kids’ creative activities, you can help to facilitate their inner voices and help them to express themselves more authentically. 

This is especially important for kids that are reluctant to express themselves through words or actions. Try going to a festival or concert with your kids or playing music together while you do creative activities like drawing, painting or sculpting.



Creativity is a skill that can be learned, practiced and strengthened through play. Many games can help to open up your child’s mind by challenging their thinking and encouraging them to think outside the box. If you can find games that inspire your child to be creative, you can make a real difference in their lives. These games can help your child develop a different skill set and build valuable life skills like problem solving and communication. 

Not only will your kiddos have tons of fun, they’ll be growing and expanding their minds in the process. These games can be played at home or in a group setting with other kids, and they can be played by one or multiple players at once. Many of these games can also be played alone if your child prefers to work on their creativity on their own.

By Williumson

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