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Social media is changing. It’s no longer just about posting pictures and making friends. Now, the most successful platforms are combining social and professional networking to help build a sustainable career, or at least connect with like-minded people.That’s why we’ve put together this post with our predictions for the best social networking apps by 2021. We’ll talk about Facebook and Instagram, of course — but also explore emerging newcomers Snapchat, TikTok, Meetup and LinkedIn!


Why it’s the best: Facebook has been around since 2004, and Facebook Messenger since 2011. Both are still going strong — with a combined 2.7 billion monthly users! It’s hard to imagine a life without these apps now. Tech companies may be on their way to creating a digital utopia, but social media keeps us connected and up-to-date on things that matter to us. If you’re not using Facebook, you’ll still run into someone who is at least once a week! And that’s not just because of our habit of checking it any time we have time to spare — Facebook has developed standalone features like Instagram Stories that have become essential parts of our lives.


Why it’s the best: Facebook-owned Instagram has grown to be a serious competitor to its parent company, with over 1 billion active users. Much like Facebook, it’s a place for you to share moments from your life and connect with friends and family. However, that’s where the similarities end — due to its visual nature, Instagram is all about self-expression! You can post photos and videos of anything, from your food to your pet. If you’re looking for a serious platform for networking or professional development (like many of our users on Skillport), this might not be the place for you. You can download Instagram photos and videos easily with Imginn.


Twitter is the place to find out what is happening in the world and what is being said about it. It lets people share their opinions, thoughts, and information with others.

Twitter has been around for more than ten years but it still continues to grow. The site takes on many different forms including a blog-like platform for users to share their thoughts, a microblogging service where people can post 140-character messages that update in real time, or an aggregate of all its tweets.


TikTok is an online video-sharing platform, and a competitor. With its help one can create short videos with their mobile phones and share them with friends or publish them on the Internet. It is used mainly for making short movie clips, but it can be applied for any purpose. The most popular use of TikTok is to create short music videos and post them there.


YouTube is one of the world’s most popular websites and the second largest search engine by global traffic. However, it is more than that because YouTube has over a billion views monthly. YouTube was originally founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim as a video sharing website. It in April 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.


WeChat is a specialised messaging app, developed by Tencent, a Chinese Internet company. It is known as Line in China. WeChat was created by two men, Wang Xiaolu and Ren Zhengfei within the Shenzhen-based company Tencent in 2011. Its software development was completed in early 2012. The focus of WeChat is to provide seamless communication between friends, family members and business partners across all major forms of media including text messages, audio and video chat via mobile devices with status updates, customisable user profiles and push notifications.TikTok is one of the most popular online video sharing platforms around the world today with over 100 million users each month.

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