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Students who don’t understand how to write their dissertation often run to dissertation tutor for better assistance. However, if these students follow a few tips, they can finish their dissertation on time and correctly. So, are you intrigued to learn more?

These tips are:

  1. Making a Schedule
  2. Keep writing
  3. Be flexible
  4. Introduction comes last
  5. Relax, you got it

Read these tips in detail and find out how to complete your paper on time:

1. Make a good schedule

You first need to make a good schedule, to write a good and timely paper. A good plan means you must chalk out a time you can dedicate to your dissertation writing process.

Read your university’s dissertation writing guide and understand how you need to conduct your research. Then, follow the guideline and conduct in-depth research to bring new and relevant information to your paper.

2. Draft, don’t think

The next step to writing a good dissertation is to draft your paper in one sitting. After that, you will get multiple chances to edit your paper. So it’s alright if your first draft isn’t perfect.

Whether it’s a marketing dissertation topic or any other subject, the dissertation has a specific structure. So, remember not to break the structure and draft properly. And work on your arguments while drafting your paper.

3. Be flexible

Writer’s block is a known thing for writers. So, to avoid it, make a flexible routine. For example, don’t spend your entire day writing your paper. Instead, you can take breaks and do something you enjoy before returning to your dissertation writing procedure.

You can also meet your friends and discuss how to continue your assignment writing process. Read a good book; it will help you increase your vocabulary and implement it on your paper.

4. Introduction comes last

Write your introduction after you have finished drafting your paper. It will help you to pen your introduction properly. Once you finish with the other sections, you will have your result; thus, it will help you make strong research questions and hypotheses.

However, remember to pen your assignment in average dissertation length. If you exceed your dissertation length, you might receive reworks, which will waste your further time. And after finishing your paper, proofread and cite it accordingly and submit it to your professor.

5. Relax, you got it

Finally, remember that you got it. You know how to do your work and write your paper. You have attended your class lectures and have done enough research, so you have nothing to worry about.

Take short breaks between your research and drafting period and take short naps. Don’t forget to reward yourself after submitting your paper. Buy a little something for yourself, or visit your favourite café and treat yourself.

So, these are the tips you can follow for a smooth dissertation writing experience. Top-notch dissertation tutors follow these tips to complete multiple daily orders and deliver a spotless paper. So, read these tips and get ready to earn straight As.


Dissertation writing is a skill that you need to acquire. And once you have acquired it, your paper will be a piece of cake for you. So, learn and acquire this skill and become your professor’s favourite pupil.

Author Bio: Rita Cohen is a philosophy professor with 10+ years of experience. She also collaborates with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where students call her their favourite dissertation tutor. In addition, Rita likes to cook and often cooks for her friends and family.

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