According to Douglas R., the name “mathematics” is derived from the Greek word “máthma,” which means “that which is learned.” The broad category of studies that examines numbers, forms, and their interactions is referred to as arithmetic. Few illustration of maths are multiplication, division, substraction, arithmetic, addition and so on. 


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Do we use maths in our daily lives?

Some individuals claim that math is only the application of difficult formulae and computations that will never be used in real life. However, mathematics is the universal language that is used in practically all facets of life. Yes! You read it properly; fundamental mathematical principles are always obeyed. You would be astounded to watch math develop in unexpected circumstances.

Budget preparation

What should my daily spending be? When will I be able to purchase a new vehicle? Can I save more money? How will I manage to make my EMI payments? Such ideas frequently cross our minds. Math is the easy solution to this kind of question. We create budgets using straightforward calculations and fundamental mathematical ideas. Therefore, we cannot declare, “I will never study mathematics!” The world around us revolves on arithmetic in some way or another.

Construction purpose

Math is the foundation of all building work, you know. Numerous computations, budget planning, goal-setting, cost estimation, and other activities are all reliant on math. If you don’t believe them, just ask any contractor or construction worker, and they’ll explain how important math is for carrying out all the labour in building.

Interior Designing

Interior design appears like a pleasant and exciting job. To succeed in this sector, one must adhere to several mathematical principles, computations, budgets, estimations, objectives, etc. To calculate and estimate the right layout of any room or structure, interior designers base their plans for the interiors on volume and area calculations. These ideas are a crucial component of arithmetic.

Fashion Designing

Math is a fundamental notion in fashion design, just like it is in interior design. Math is used throughout the process, from taking measurements to calculating the amount and quality of clothing, selecting a color scheme, predicting cost and profit, and producing clothing in accordance with consumer preferences and demands.


A person’s cognitive and decision-making abilities are enhanced by math. Such abilities are crucial for a sportsperson since they enable him to make the best choices for his team. A person won’t be able to create accurate estimates if he or she lacks these skills. Therefore, mathematics plays a significant role in the sports world.

Automobile industry

Based on client needs, the various auto manufacturing corporations build automobiles. Every manufacturer has a certain class of vehicles, from luxury SUVs to microcars. In these businesses, simple mathematical procedures are used to learn about the various consumer wants.

These are just a few examples. So, what have you understood? If you want to make a career in any profession your math needs to be good because it is the base. To understand math you can ask experts ‘can you online assignment help?’ They will help you in getting good scores and understanding mathematical concepts easily. 

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