What Does a Digital Marketing Coordinator Do?

A career as a Digital Marketing Coordinator is a lucrative option that rewards you with flexibility and freedom. The post requires a wide range of skills, including marketing, website design, social media, and public relations. You will also be responsible for collaborating with other team members and generating content for your company’s online presence. To find out more about the job description and requirements, keep reading! You need to consider several factors, including the salary and working environment.

Job description of a digital marketing coordinator:

The job description for a digital marketing coordinator requires strong project management skills, the ability to coordinate various projects and a focus on social media. In addition to managing all aspects of digital marketing, this position requires the ability to collaborate with internal and external departments. Job duties include collaborating with creative teams, tracking and analyzing metrics, and managing relationships with digital agencies and vendors. Digital marketing coordinators also often oversee in-house marketing departments.

The role of a digital marketing coordinator includes planning and managing various digital marketing efforts, including website development, social media, and email. The coordinator also keeps up to date on industry changes and is responsible for developing strategies to increase the visibility of a company’s products and services. The position also involves staying current with technological advances and working with IT to develop a roadmap for digital marketing initiatives. The coordinator also collaborates with the business core team and the Pod Leader to ensure that each project is well-planned and on track.

As a marketing team member, the Digital Marketing Coordinator works closely with the Communications Manager to create and implement marketing strategies that achieve business goals. The coordinator coordinates projects and manages competing priorities by working closely with other departments. A strong communicator, the Digital Marketing Coordinator, is an excellent team player who is adept at identifying problems and tracking resolutions. The digital marketing coordinator collaborates with business owners weekly to implement successful digital marketing campaigns.

A marketing coordinator’s duties include researching consumer trends and analyzing sales data. They can also develop campaign strategies and create their clients’ graphics, blog posts, and social media accounts. Their role also includes managing online orders and internal master dept spreadsheets. A marketing coordinator’s skills are crucial to the success of the company’s brand portfolio. Ideally, they have experience in the food industry or with digital marketing.

To be competitive, a marketing coordinator must have a strong understanding of digital marketing and SEO techniques. The specialization in search engine optimization (SEO) will teach the job candidate to create and optimize content that resonates with consumers. In addition, he or she will be responsible for tracking campaign metrics. A certification in marketing analytics, such as Google Analytics or the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer, will improve his or her skills and boost job prospects.

Skills required:

A Digital Marketing Coordinator role requires an individual with various skills and experience. They must have experience with online marketing, social media, and video, as well as good organization and communication skills. They must also have a thorough understanding of various digital touchpoints, be able to drive high-impact digital campaigns, and have excellent copywriting skills. The job description should also include specific skills, such as implementing and analyzing analytics.

A Digital Marketing Coordinator spends a lot of time on a computer, viewing marketing metrics and extracting data from them to produce reports. They also communicate with other members of the marketing team, which can include designers and developers. Some candidates may also know about graphic design or web page development, but this is not essential. Before applying for a Digital Marketing Coordinator role, take the time to educate yourself on the job description and update your resume if necessary.

Digital Marketing Coordinators oversee in-house and external digital marketing efforts. They collaborate with the product or brand, IT, and digital agencies to develop strategies that maximize a company’s investment in online marketing. In addition to creating effective marketing strategies, they must also be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and website analytics. Lastly, a Digital Marketing Coordinator oversees a company’s marketing efforts across several digital platforms and analyses metrics.

A Digital Marketing Coordinator is responsible for executing marketing automation strategies and improving lead generation. A Digital Marketing Coordinator should understand the various types of digital marketing automation and how they work to achieve the best results. They must be proactive, creative, and have strong communication and collaboration skills. In addition, they should possess strong analytical and collaboration skills. They should be willing to learn new technologies and collaborate with other departments. They should also be able to work with clients on various projects.


The average salary for a Digital Marketing Coordinator is $64,436 a year in Florida. Salaries range from $45,106 to $78,290, depending on experience and level of education. The average level of education required for this role is a Bachelor’s Degree. The salary data for this job title is based on salary surveys conducted by ERI, with the cost of living data calculated based on gas prices and effective income tax rates.

The highest-paid digital marketing coordinators work for Levi Strauss & Co. and The Children’s Place. Other companies that pay digital marketing coordinators well include Daltile and KB Home. Salary for a Digital Marketing Coordinator varies greatly depending on experience and educational background, although the BLS provides information on various factors that impact compensation. In addition to education and experience, the location of the job also plays a vital role in salary.

The salary for a Digital Marketing Coordinator in Ireland ranges from EUR30K to EUR51K. Starting salaries for this job are generally lower than other marketing positions. However, as the job demands increased, the salary increased significantly. The average salary for a Digital Marketing Coordinator in Ireland was €30K at the entry-level. By mid-career, the salary for this role rose by 29% to EUR39K.

A Digital Marketing Coordinator’s salary depends on the level of responsibility and experience. Generally, a Digital Marketing Coordinator will manage several projects at once and meet strict deadlines. They will also be responsible for tracking the funnel conversion rate and identifying areas for improvement. They will also collect articles and videos from blogs, videos, and YouTube and post them on various social media platforms and work with content writers. The job requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Work environment:

A Digital Marketing Coordinator oversees the University’s online marketing campaigns. From beginning to end, they develop strategies for marketing initiatives and social media and paid search campaigns that align with the University’s overall marketing goals. Digital Marketing Coordinators also provide backup social media support for the University and serve on the university’s crisis communications team. This position requires a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in marketing or communications.

A Digital Marketing Coordinator should have strong analytical and collaboration skills. They should be able to effectively use digital tools such as Google Analytics to analyze campaign results and make actionable recommendations for continuous improvement. Digital Marketing Coordinators should also strongly understand email marketing and social media. They should also have strong communication, analytical, and collaboration skills. A digital marketing coordinator is responsible for improving the effectiveness of the company’s web presence, including its social media pages, blogs, and other online tools.

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, you’ll manage day-to-day activities and meet deadlines. You’ll oversee multiple projects with diverse stakeholders and develop and maintain project documentation. You’ll also organize and moderate meetings, develop a master schedule, and create individual project schedules. As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, you’ll also work closely with the core team and Pod Leader to ensure everyone is on the same page.

A Digital Marketing Coordinator’s work requires them to be highly creative and multimedia-savvy. They must be excellent communicators and must be able to manage competing priorities. An exceptional Digital Marketing Coordinator should be able to identify issues quickly and document the resolutions. A successful Digital Marketing Coordinator should have excellent copywriting skills. Applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication to be considered for this position. A Digital Marketing Coordinator should have experience in Project Management, CRM, and Technical areas.