Instagram Tools For Social Media Marketers

If you want to take better pictures of your brand on Instagram, you can use some tools like smihub to help you with this. Instagram has an in-built photo editing tool, but these tools are very limited. If you want to get a better picture, you can download a professional app. Here are a few of the best apps for social media marketers like smihub com. They all make it easy to take a good picture. Let’s explore each one, and find the best fit for your brand.

Instagram Tools For Social Media Marketer


Canva is a visual communications platform that allows users to create, edit, and share social media content. Now, Canva customers can design, schedule, and post content on Instagram. The site features intuitive design tools, over 100 million visual assets, and thousands of customizable social templates. With this new upgrade, users can also create Instagram profiles and manage their accounts. And since Canva is compatible with multiple platforms, users can manage all of their social media content from one place.

The new addition to the Canva app is the ability to import videos and images from your own library. Videos attract more viewers than text posts, so videos can help you reach more consumers. To make your videos, you can purchase a subscription to Canva Pro, which offers access to thousands of stock images and videos. This is one of the most versatile Instagram tools for social media marketers. It’s a great way to make your ads come alive.


Zoomyy is a useful tool that lets you add motion to your Instagram videos and photos. It is a part of the Instagram video trend. With Zoomyy, you can create stop motion, time-lapse, or superzoom video content. It helps you stay on top of competitor activity and improve customer relationships with one tap. This Instagram tool is also compatible with other web sources and syncs with Hootsuite, another social media management platform.

Inflact is another useful Instagram tool. It helps you build a loyal following with its pro-targeting filters. The app also enables you to broadcast direct messages to your followers. This tool is packed with features including scheduling, direct messages, and follow/unfollow options. It has a collaborative environment and is easy to use. For more advanced users, Inflact also offers several paid features including a contract template for influencer marketing.


For a complete solution for social media marketing, consider using Later. This tool lets you schedule and analyze content across multiple platforms, including Instagram. The app includes tools for preparing visual content, replying to comments and moderation, and scheduling posts to auto-publish. Later is free for single accounts, but you will need to upgrade to gain all of the premium features. If you’re a social media marketer who is primarily focused on visual content, this is probably the right choice for you.

LeeTags is a hashtag-generating tool that offers popular and relevant hashtags. It has hundreds of hashtags for you to choose from, and it offers the option to save and categorize your favorite ones. This tool also helps you recover shadow banned accounts. The feature allows you to quickly search for a hashtag and save its categories and search results. Once you’ve created a campaign with these hashtags, you can share it across social media networks.


If you’re in the business of growing your Instagram presence, then you probably already know the benefits of using Agorapulse’s tools. Its intuitive publishing tools make it easy to schedule content and monitor your community, as well as your competitors’ sentiment on the social media platform. The basic version of Agorapulse is free, but you’ll only be able to manage up to three social profiles with it. Paid plans begin at $79 a month billed annually.

This comprehensive tool lets you monitor and respond to conversations about your brand. It tracks brand mentions across all social platforms, determines their volume, and even alerts you to keyword changes. It’s the perfect tool for Instagram marketers who deal with big brands. With its broad audience reach, it gives a general sense of how consumers feel about your brand. It also offers insights on what hashtags are trending and what users are saying about your brand.


Sotrender is an Instagram analytics tool. Its user-friendly platform can generate reports in less than 60 seconds and gives insight into competitors and your audience. It can also manage your social customer support, respond to comments on Facebook, and generate real-time updates. Sotrender’s Machine Learning Team works hard to improve its platform’s model. The service is available for free or for a fee of $59 per month.

Using an Instagram analytics tool is a must-have for social media marketers. They can show you how many people are following you, how fast they’re growing, the age and sex of your followers, and the types of content they’re sharing. These tools also provide detailed information on how many times you’re receiving comments, how often you’re being visited by people, and more. They’ll also show you which posts are generating the most engagement.


A number of Instagram tools are available for social media marketers, but one of the best is the powerful Plann. This social media management tool allows users to easily rearrange their Instagram grid, schedule their stories, and get stats for when to post content. It can even collaborate with other users, providing you with suggestions for the perfect hashtags and color schemes. Plann is available for free or for a monthly fee, starting at $9.99.

Pallyy is an all-in-one social media tool for businesses and individuals. The platform includes scheduling tools for Instagram, analytics, comment moderation, competitive research, and link in bio tools. It is also affordable for solopreneurs, agencies, and teams. Its scheduling calendar is laid out in a grid format and makes it easy to visually plan the entire feed. You can drag and drop content into any cell to schedule posts at specific times.