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When painting the exterior of your house, you should follow the proper techniques to achieve the best results. You should use tried and tested techniques to ensure the best results possible. Start by painting the top part of the house first. This will avoid any paint drops from contaminating the freshly painted area. You can also use a paint sprayer to get the best results possible. This tool is faster and will reduce paint spills.


The most critical stage of any exterior house painting project is the preparation. This includes scraping off loose paint, sanding down, and stripping surfaces of all previous coatings. It is also important to test-strip the exterior paint color on a small section of the house before the actual painting process. If the resulting color is not close to the desired one, it is time to consider a change in color.

While the process of exterior house painting may seem tedious, it is essential to remember that proper preparation is the key to a long-lasting new paint job. For safety and health reasons, it is especially important to take the time to ensure that there is no lead paint in the home. Although lead paint was outlawed in 1978, many homes still contain this toxic material. In order to get rid of this toxic substance, you must hire a certified lead abatement contractor. You should also have a lead-testing done before starting any exterior house painting prep.

Exterior house painting is an excellent way to improve curb appeal. With proper preparation, a house’s exterior can last for 20 years. With proper preparation, a coat of paint can last for 14,600 days. If it is properly applied, exterior house painting can be a fast, easy, and inexpensive project. It is important to understand the various exterior house painting techniques before you start. After all, the paint will be applied on a properly prepared surface.

During an exterior house painting project, it’s important to think about the plants surrounding the area where the paint is going to be applied. If you’re painting over shrubs or trees, you’ll need to cover these areas with tarps, but make sure to remove the tarp each day or else they will die. If you plan to paint outdoor areas, you’ll want to protect sensitive plants and water features.

Choosing paint colors

If you’re considering an exterior house painting project, consider the architectural style of your house. Some styles lend themselves to certain color palettes, such as Victorian. Bright colors and bold combinations are best for this type of design, while neutrals and natural wood tones work well for homes in the west. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best colors for your home’s exterior:

When choosing paint colors for the exterior of your house, consider the style and orientation of your home. For example, a classic Federal style home will not look good with exuberant pastels, while a New England saltbox will be complemented by pale mint green. Consider your neighborhood’s tastes in exterior paint colors to get a better idea of what works well for your neighborhood. A neighborhood’s advice can also help you determine the most appropriate color for your home.

The size of your home will also influence the color of your exterior house painting. Choosing too dark a color will make your home appear gloomy and small. A light color will help your house look bigger and emphasize its features. Many homes already have beautiful wood finishes that don’t need painting. Wood stains come in an incredible variety of shades, and can add warmth or coolness to any exterior paint color.

Consider your neighborhood. While you shouldn’t let your neighbors influence your color choices, you can still consider the neighbors’ preferences. You don’t want to stand out from the neighborhood. Instead, you want your home to blend in with its surroundings. Check with your local community board to see if there are any rules or guidelines that govern the colors of houses in your neighborhood. Choosing paint colors for the exterior of your house is an important decision for any homeowner.

Choosing a Painter

Before choosing a exterior painters Auburndale FL, you should check their credentials. Ask for references and visit previous projects to see how well they perform. Find a licensed and insured painter, and read reviews on online websites or local directories. Look for a company that has been in business for a while, and has a strong reputation in the area. You can also find a painter on Angie’s List or through HomeAdvisor, and you can ask for references from friends and family members.

Getting multiple estimates is another way to compare costs. Remember that big job bids can vary by thousands of dollars. A lower bid might mean less prep, cheaper materials, a less thorough safety protocol, or even workers that aren’t being paid a living wage. However, some companies may raise prices to get your business or simply because they are more popular in your neighborhood. It’s important to ask for a copy of the contract and make sure it’s signed by the painter.

Quality paint is essential. A real professional will use high-quality paint for a durable finish that looks good for many years. A vibrant house is free advertising for the painter, so it’s important to choose one with good quality paint. Professional painters are likely to be insured, too. In addition to being insured, painters will also be more likely to be able to work around hazardous conditions. They also likely have proper safety equipment and tools, which can be costly.

Color is a major concern. While choosing the right paint color can add a lot to the curb appeal of a home, the wrong choice could haunt you for years to come. You might even be fined by your HOA if the paint you choose isn’t allowed. In that case, you’ll have to have the house repainted. In addition, you’ll need to consider the colors allowed in your HOA.

Cleaning Up

After completing your exterior house painting project, you must clean up any remaining paint and debris. You can use a hose to spray the siding and other surfaces, but be sure to avoid gaps that may cause water to collect inside the walls. You should also use a mold and mildew cleaner that contains bleach. While these cleaning products are effective, they can also get on your clothes. Use a mask and protective clothing while cleaning the house exterior to avoid contact with paint or other materials.

The best time to clean the exterior of your house is during the warmer months of summer, as this allows the siding to dry out quickly. If you attempt to wash the siding in the winter, the water may freeze before evaporating enough to leave a clean surface. You have two options for washing the house before painting: you can scrub by hand or rent a pressure washer to use a high-pressure water jet. The pressure washer will be more effective at cleaning up the exterior of your house, and it won’t take you as much time as you would if you did it manually.


There are a few factors to consider when scheduling a professional exterior house painting job. Generally speaking, a house painted on the exterior should be refreshed every five to ten years. However, certain factors may influence the need for an exterior house painting job more frequently. Listed below are some tips to help you decide when it’s time for your house to be painted. The season will also play a large role. In general, exterior house painting is best completed in the spring, summer, or part of fall.

Ensure a quality paint job. If you plan to sell your home, a high-quality exterior house painting job is essential. Potential buyers often form their first impression of a house before they even step inside. Hiring a professional to paint your home will save you time and money, and improve the curb appeal of your home. Additionally, a quality paint job can increase the property value. For more information, check out the following tips to schedule a professional exterior house painting job.

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Consider safety. Professionals are likely to have specialized safety gear and materials. If you don’t have any, you may need to purchase it yourself. Professional painters will know how to work around dangerous conditions and will be insured, too. In addition to the safety equipment, hiring a professional will save you the hassle of transporting all of these tools to your home. You should also consider damage-repair before painting. Often, you will find damage to the exterior and must fix it before painting it.

Before painting your house, you should inspect it thoroughly for signs of water damage. Before you start painting, you should repair any water damage or cracks that have developed. The paint will last longer if water damage is addressed before painting begins. Lastly, make sure that your roof, gutters, and windows are free of water leaks. If there is a leak, you will need to repair this as well.

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