Indeed, creative and talented artists like yourself are always trying to identify their authentic voices. So, you put in the effort to get your work done flawlessly, but besides all else, when it is time for your work to be displayed, you do not want it to be misunderstood.  

You want to be able to put up an utterly credible work that would be applauded and accepted by all and sundry.   

This story is very understandable, and several artists can relate with you on this. Now, the truth you need to come to terms with is that; your work will not speak for itself. You need to speak for it! The meaning of any particular piece of work can only be brought to light by the work’s creator. As a result, you feel vulnerable when your work cannot speak for itself.  

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels 

Art Marketing 

You’re probably wondering if the above title is correct; it is! When we speak of art marketing, we refer to marketing for Artists.” Just as business outlets employ marketing in promoting their product and communicating with their customers, artists can do the same. It simply entails using marketing tools systematically to create a strong awareness of your work and stimulate buyers’ interest in your artwork. 

Do not fall for the uninformed crusaders that say explaining your artwork is pushy or desperate. You also do not have to feel awkward or uncomfortable about showcasing what you have put a lot of hard work into. You are not saying your artwork is the best; you are only trying to share your creative energies with persons who appreciate what you have created.  

You do not need a college degree to market your art successfully; you only need an attitude. An attitude says, “I put a lot of work into this, and it has got to fly.” Many artists like you built thriving art careers and made a significant buck. Learn to connect with your audience, speak highly of your art, and soon enough, others will recognize its value in their lives. 

5 Important Steps to Promoting Your Art. 

1. Get an Online Presence 

You would need your piece of internet real estate, something that is exclusively yours. Some people even believe that if you do not possess a website, you do not exist. Some others are more considerate in their judgment, but they would still term you a lowly businessperson if you do not have your online brand. Therefore, you must take the time to design your website. Don’t go cheap or amateur-like on this one. Put in the work or its equivalent in money to ensure it is a good representation of your artistic value.  

2. Have a Target Audience In Mind 

You might not know what class of individuals would fall in love with your artwork, but it would help to have a target audience in mind. Who out there do you think would readily become some of your most significant and most raving fans? What is the likely race, gender, class, or even age groups? What are their interests? History? Nature? Wildlife?  

The more you can narrow down your customer base, the better you can tailor your work to their needs. 

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3. Reward Your Clients 

It’s not always about receiving from the generous arms of your customers; if you can show them that you are grateful for their loyalty, you will have won their goodwill. This is the reason why large corporations give rewards to customers periodically. Because they know that providing bonuses or prices can go a long way in keeping customers, lose no opportunity to show your buyers that they are respected and cherished, make a habit of appreciating their purchase regularly, and you can be sure they will always return.  

Some ideas you can employ include; creating a subscription service where admirers of your work can receive gifts from you in return for patronage. You can also send a handwritten or typed appreciation card with a picture of your latest work behind the card. Some customers might request the original artwork in this manner. 

4. Remain Current. 

In the past, individuals could leave their homes and go through all sorts of inconveniences to watch an art exhibition. But in our day, where technology is at its peak, we all prefer the convenience of our sophisticated homes. So, to be on par with this trend, several art exhibitions are ongoing daily on numerous social media platforms. So while it’s a good idea to put all your artwork together and unveil them at an official exhibition venue, it is better to use social media to your advantage. Your customer base can be broadened on the internet as anyone can watch you while you live to stream your work.  

5. Speak To The Client 

Before selling your art, you must be able to speak clearly and powerfully about your work. Take time to craft your message carefully. Your clients are itching to find out what your job is about; what concept are you speaking on? What is your story, and why does it matter enough for you to create art on it? Try to be as passionate, authentic, and compelling as possible. No one would get in the flow unless your message appeals to their emotions.  

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels 


Art is influential in transcending the artist to those who see the work. It is, therefore, not enough to put in everything to get the job done, but it is also necessary to employ the techniques mentioned here to sell your work and earn rewards.  

By Williumson

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