A good number of people have been losing their hair very fast. No more are they required to feel embarrassed about it. Fortunately, there have been introduced several advanced medical options have that assure to offer respite to such people. There are available both temporary and permanent options to avail. Those who can afford and can avail of invasive procedures should consider hair transplantation. 

Hair transplantation procedure

It is considered to be an effective way to replace lost hair on the head through surgical means. It is also considered to be a permanent solution providing patients with satisfactory results. This method involves transplanting hair taken from the back of the scalp region. Then it is ‘planted’ on the balding, frontal area. However, the major limiting aspect is stated to be donor hair shortage. It is for this reason, many patients are not regarded to be good candidates. 

Who is a suitable candidate for the procedure?

This is a question that many tend to ask especially those who are interested to have full hair on their head. Eligible candidates are regarded to be those with high hair density, especially on their scalp’s back part. The existing hair on those parts should be thick and wavy. Also, the scalp needs to be flexible. Again the contrast between hair color and scalp is not to be excessive. Moreover, the patient is expected to be in good health to undergo the procedure. 

Can women avail of the procedure?

Generally, women tend to suffer from diffuse hair loss form. Hence they are not regarded as good candidates to undergo hair transplantation procedures. Even those patients experiencing unpredictable baldness types like alopecia areata is stated to be poor candidate for the procedure. Hence, you need to find out which category you belong to. Since you don’t have to recognize the different aspects, you should visit the top Hair Restoration London specialist. They will evaluate your condition and specify your eligibility. 

Risks involved

If donor material is found to be in chronic shortage, then the surgeon is likely to use little hair present to develop that optical illusion of having a full head upon the scalp. It is indeed a major risk involved with hair transplantation. If you have less donor hair, then the end results derived might not be satisfactory. You may, however, consult the doctor to have another transplantation session. But some damages are stated to be irreparable. 

Other risks involved

This is another important aspect that you need to consider. Some side effects could occur after the surgical procedure like scarring and excessive bleeding. Also may be experienced lengthy healing of developed wounds, transaction as well as the eventual death of several implanted hair follicles. Many have even reported post-transplant hair loss shock. Although temporary in nature, it might affect the donor region hair along with newly implanted hair. It may even lead to scalp tension and numbness. 

Meeting costs

You need to be financially prepared to meet the procedure costs as well as post-surgical expenses. It will only increase if you develop complications as it will involve hospital stays, doctor checkups, and other essentials. The cost involved also is determined by the number of sessions to avail, the extent of baldness, the clinic’s reputation and location, the surgeon’s qualification, and experience, etc.

By Williumson

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