Factory automation includes the linking together of several components of manufacturing equipment using machines that require minimal human intervention. This automation of factories enhances the effectiveness and dependability of their various control systems. But automating factories has proven to be complex and requires different types of factory automation solutions. One of the complexities in implementing automation is the excessive increase in power usage. This can, however, be solved by using variable frequency drives in HVAC systems. For example, a VFD HVAC compressor can save upto 25% in electricity consumption by altering the motor speeds of the compressor.

Factory Automation Solutions

Factory automation is the use of technology and systems in a factory for automating the production process, with the ultimate objective of increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The level of automation could range from automating a single task, all the way up to fully eliminating the need for human intervention at every stage of the process. This is achieved by the integration of industrial robots, information systems, and programmable controllers in the factory processes. Many system integrators provide factory automation solutions on a turnkey basis as a way to implement automation in industrial setups effectively without any hassles. Factory automation can help manufacturers achieve a consistent level of process efficiency and product quality while reducing material wastage. This will improve the factory’s productivity and save costs spent on unnecessary manual processes and quality control. Lesser manual involvement also results in a safe working environment for the employees and fewer instances of errors.

VFD HVAC Compressor

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of electrical device that can change the frequency of the alternating current electrical power that is provided to an electric motor in order to control the rotational speed of the motor. Some of the other names for this type of drive are adjustable-speed drive, alternating current drive, adjustable-frequency drive, inverter drive, pulse-width-modulated drive, and variable voltage variable frequency drive. The VFD HVAC compressors are air conditioning compressors that are equipped with this VFD technology. In the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), there are four different kinds of compressors used in refrigeration systems: centrifugal, scroll, reciprocating, and screw. In the context of a VFD application, each of these is a potential component. Air and refrigerant are two examples of working media that are frequently used for this. In industrial processes, air compressors are widely employed as a source of power for pneumatic control systems. Compressors of refrigerant are commonly found in air conditioners, unitary air-handling units (AHU), or chillers, all of which are found in both commercial and residential buildings. 

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