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Cannabis is one of the most talked about names on the market for many good reasons. It is known as a therapeutic component for many ailments; however, it is not allowed to be used by everyone in every state. It is a complicated plant that has a number of properties and cannabinoids that works for different health conditions. 

However, people are still not aware of each and every part of the cannabis plant, which is why they are not able to make the right purchase and use the compound. If you are adding cannabis herb and other products to your routine, it is important to understand and learn about its different parts. Besides, you can also learn for the details about cannabis plants in DC at the following websites;,,,, and

In this write-up, we have broken down the different parts of the cannabis plant; take a look!


Buds or nugs- this is the fame of cannabis resides. When people smoke cannabis or use it for medicine, they use flowers. The flower of the female marijuana plant can be identified by its small teardrop structures, which contain pistils attached to bracts. Cannabis flowers are usually covered with a frosty-looking coating of trichomes. 


It is one of the main parts of the flower. It is bigger and is densely covered in trichomes – if it has a thin density of trichomes, then it might be of low quality. Therefore when you are buying cannabis plants or buds, ensure to check the dentistry of trichomes covering the cola. 


The small leaves surrounded the reproductive cells of a female weed plant. When a female plant is exposed to pollen from a male marijuana plant, the bracts surround and shield the seed pod. 


Cannabis trichomes are hairlike appendages found on the surface of the cannabis plant. Trichomes protect the plant from external stressors that contain resinous glands that simply create flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes. 


The point at which the stem and leaf intersect. Nodes can hold one or more leaves or offshoots. Nodes are important to be familiar with, as they are where cannabis plants start to grow. 

Moving on, there are many more parts of the cannabis plant that you must learn about before making a purchase, including fan leaves, sugar leaves, and more. Before making a purchase, always check the details about the plant. 

By Williumson

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