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Inability to become a father can make a person feel that they are missing something important in their life, which makes their life satisfactory and complete. Infertility has been a big problem for women in the past, but do you know that? About 1 out of every 3 cases of infertility occurs because of man alone, and somehow man is also involved in infertility. If you’re searching online for the best male fertility specialist, consult your problem. Then, you must once consult with doctors at Mishka IVF in Jaipur. It is one of the best IVF center with the most affordable IVF cost in Jaipur. Moreover, they have highly advanced equipment and a lab for performing Male infertility treatment & other IVF treatments at a budget-friendly cost.

What Are The Causes of Male Infertility?

Primarily, the issue lies in the process of travelling sperm to the woman’s womb. Either movement is not right of the sperm, or maybe sperms are motionless.

  • Varicocele – This is an abnormal collection of swollen veins in the testicles. Swollen veins are the most common cause of male infertility, and they alone account for around 38 % of the cases. Here are the followings that can cause low sperm count or abnormal sperm in a man –
  • Cryptorchidism.
  • Any infection in the testicles such as (orchitis), (prostatitis), or some other similar kind of infection.
  • Cancer treatments such as Chemotherapy.
  • Medications such as anabolic steroids or antiepileptic drugs. 
  • Genetical problems.
  • Hormonal issues.

A doctor can reverse infertility effects in some cases, but it is impossible in every case. A consulting session with a IVF specialist doctor is the only way to find out the cause & to resolve the issues.

What Is The Impact of Male Infertility? 

However, the production of sperm is not the only problem every time. The primary issue lies in the transportation of the sperm. If sperm is not getting where it is supposed to be, infertility issues occur. In this type of infertility, the sperm is as per standard in the person, but the issue lies in the fusion of sperm and semen. Maybe fusion is low in numbers or not present at all.

Some causes of this kind of infertility include – 

  • Retrograde ejaculation – is a situation that occurs when semen ejaculates back into the sac instead of traveling to the penis. The usual cause of retrograde ejaculation is any previous surgery. 
  • In some cases, the main pipeline is absent, known as (VAS DEFERENS), which transports the sperm. And usually seen in people with genetic problems. 
  • Blockage – Sometimes blockage occurs inside the reproductive system or nearby testicles and the penis.
  • Antisperm antibodies – Some antibodies attack the man’s own sperm while sperm is on the way to eggs.

Male Infertility Treatment –  

The foremost goal for male infertility treatment is to get success in pregnancy. Preferably, a doctor can reverse the causes of male infertility & the couple can achieve successful conception from natural sexual intercourse.

Here are some of the typical male infertility treatments:- 

  • If a person is suffering from Varicoceles, it can be repaired by removing the blocked veins by performing surgery. This may sound not easy to you, but the previous surgery results have improved the fertility in a person significantly.
  • Hormonal issues can be treated well through medications, and sometimes surgery is also required in severe cases.

All these highly advanced male infertility treatments improve overall sperm health. With ARTs, today, many couples can have a successful conception, even mens who have low sperm count or abnormality in their sperm. 

Firstly, sperm is collected from the testicles and then processed & infused in the retrieved eggs by various methods.

  • IUI is a method where a doctor injects the sperm straight in the uterus at the time of ovulation. The doctor will provide you medications to increase number of eggs before the egg retrieval process takes place. 
  • IVF or In-Vitro-fertilization is a procedure where doctor infuses the sperm in the retrieved eggs and then shifts it into the uterus. There is a requirement of one viable sperm for a successful IVF procedure.
  • ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: Doctor will inject the single sperm into eggs for fertilization. After fertilizing the eggs, eggs are placed inside the woman’s uterus. Usually, doctors prefer ICSI method for patients who have low sperm count or have abnormal sperm.

Things Not to Consume For Improving Male Fertility –

By avoiding some things, you can improve your fertility. Try to avoid cocaine, marijuana, or tobacco and excessive drinking habits because these are the factors that lead to low sperm count or make sperm production unhealthy. Try to include fruits and green vegetables in your regular diet to fulfill the needs of nutrients in your body.


Male infertility is a common cause of infertility within couples. However, with the help of male infertility treatments, there are high chances of pregnancy, and a person can become a father. The best piece of advice for you is to consult with an experienced IVF specialist and find out the cause and suitable treatment option for yourself. The semen analysis is the best option for knowing about your fertility evaluation.

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