Having a roof rack atop your Toyota FJ Cruiser is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the best use of your car. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is an off-road vehicle renowned for its capabilities in facilitating a good experience in the tours and travels business, especially in remote areas. The vehicle’s specifications allow any person canvassing rough terrain to have a smooth time moving around. If so, you can use your Toyota FJ Cruise as your primary quarters when traveling around. 

However, when moving around the remote arrears, you may need a quality roof rack for carrying the luggage you need in your ventures. Doing this will keep your luggage secure through rough terrain and provide you with enough space, particularly if you are traveling with your family. 

Here is a quick guide on how much weight the roof rack can hold and how to fix the roof rack atop your Toyota FJ Cruiser. 

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Background Information on the FJ Cruiser Roof Rack 

Before installing your FJ cruiser roof rack, you need to understand the essential components of the roof rack. A lack of knowledge of the roof rack’s functions may make it challenging for you to install it or use it effectively. 

Three essential parts make up the typical roof rack, which are as follows: 

  1. The Crossbars 

The roof rack’s crossbars are a crucial part as your entire load weight will fall on the crossbars. They are horizontally positioned over the car’s roof and secured by fitting screws. 

  1. Leg Fittings 

Although the roof rack’s crossbars are a necessary component, mounting the crossbars to the car’s roof is challenging without the leg fittings. The leg fittings are a foundation for attaching the crossbars to the vehicle’s top. They also create a gap between the crossbars and the car’s roof, preventing luggage from coming in contact with the roof. 

  1. Fixing Kits 

The fastening kits are linked to the leg fittings to ensure that the connection is solid and that the roof fitting does not move when fastened on top of the automobile. 

How Much Weight an FJ Cruiser Roof Rack can Carry? 

While the type of rack you use on your FJ Cruiser may have varied capabilities in terms of how much weight it can carry, the typical stock FJ Cruiser can hold roughly 400lb (180kg) when in use.  

However, different roof rack suppliers have different specifications when manufacturing their roof racks. Thus, depending on the material used to manufacture the roof rack, you may have varying results in sturdiness and the weight the roof rack can bear at any given time. 

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Fixing Your Roof Rack on the FJ Cruiser 

After identifying the roof rack, you need depending on the rack’s weight, quality, and costs; you will need to place the rack on the car. As with any DYI task, you will need essential tools to undertake the roof rack installation.  

Most of these tools are available for purchase at any hardware or convenience store. Once you acquire all the tools you need, you can then proceed to start fixing the roof rack. 

Installing the roof rack of the car is not a highly technical task. With proper instructions, you can do the work effectively. However, considering the weight of the roof rack, you might need assistance to carry the car’s roof rack.  

While there are different ways of putting the rack on the car, the best way is to carry it from the back of the car to avoid damaging the windscreen. You do not want to damage your vehicle as you add a new feature. Moreover, carry the roof rack delicately to avoid scratching the car’s roof. 

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After placing the roof rack on the car, the next thing is to screw the bolts on different parts of the vehicle. When screwing the bolts, round the car clockwise until all the bolts are tight and secure. Doing this will ensure the roof rack does not wobble in transit.  

You may need to go round several times as, in some instances, screwing one bolt could loosen the one on the other side of the car. Confirm whether all this has been done before you can finish up on everything and place your luggage on top of it. 

Wrapping It Up 

You may wonder why you should have a roof rack on an FJ Cruiser. Well, to put it simply, the roof rack comes in handy when carrying luggage around remote terrain.  Roof racks are the best way to maximize your FJ Cruiser’s carrying ability by increasing its luggage-hauling capacity. You can also use it to place your spare tires, which is helpful during off-road driving, particularly when venturing on rough terrains. You can never go wrong with a good roof rack. Hence, research some of the leading roof rack manufacturers and install this perfect carrier accessory as soon as you can. 

By Williumson

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