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You joined FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) with your recruiter’s promises to help you build a strong and successful company, right? It felt like such a privilege to have people rooting for you to succeed and to support you.

You’ve been told that “a rising tide lifts all ships” and your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) line was about to win – so if you do what they say, it almost certainly will. Does effort lead to success? Well, there’s some truth to that…but it’s not the whole story.

I don’t think your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) line is with you and I don’t want you to succeed. They do it! I am not suggesting any conspiracy to see you fail.

What your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) line doesn’t tell you is that what they are doing and saying they are doing under the guise of “helping” is not really in your best interest. I’m not putting you in the best position to succeed.

1. What are they telling you about positions (not you):

What is the biggest way the FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) line can help you? They provide “leadership” in 3-way calls, house parties, and hotel meetings. It might help you get some affiliates, and it’s great to get them posted, but it won’t do you any good. You want to present yourself as an expert – not just to anyone else in your company or FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) line. This is the key to building and maintaining the right relationship with your people. People want to meet and buy from someone they see as an expert (not a “finish”).

2. What They Tell You

The cheapest way to build a business is to “gut” everything, distributing your company’s marketing materials to various strangers who acknowledge and approach your hot market. Your FHTM (Fortune Hi- instantvirals.  Marketing) strategy to build your business (though not like others) can work. Even when executed with the best success, it is one of the cheapest ways to build your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) business. It often takes months (if not years) to achieve the success you hope to achieve. At the same time, you can withdraw all the money “invested” for a long time without leaving the job.


2nd Aid Pig: Every FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) newborn is essential to building them. Having the ingredients to make the business successful. They say you should have a list of product samples. To market your business properly you must have FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) marketing materials – DVDs, T-shirts, mouse pads, brochures, business cards and car window stickers. As a regional event you have to attend a “rock concert”.

All this is great for FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) and you end up with a penny of your business. All of these are great for FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) marketing – but nothing makes you a marketer. But that’s not where you want to spend your marketing budget. In order to grow your business quickly and efficiently, it is better if you tighten your marketing budget to market your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) business online.

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By Williumson

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