compound die stamping

Some disposables are increasingly vital across medical applications, from surgical devices to tools for one-time use. Compound die stamping is the most optimal choice for achieving the cost, process flexibility, and compliance requirements. Some designers should work across the manufacturing vendors during the development to ensure success.

Compound Die Stamping for Design Partnership

The cost for the design is to produce the machining tools along with stamping dies that are significant while manufacturing a new product. There is a greater concern for the expenses that increase with the manufacturing of the disposal components.

Although larger volumes are running across the spread, tool-and-die costs over several thousands of pieces running and prototyping with OEMs should be associated with manufacturers to ensure proper tooling from the beginning.

The recommended approaches are to identify opportunities for commonized prog die. It happens in a product with different configurations and options. Generally, a majority of the formation for products is the same enough to be modified during the designing stage; therefore, all parts use similar die sets.

The commonized die is the part of the initial pass for production followed by a second production pass with a unique set of dies and tools. However, once production runs at being performed, using the commonized dies throughout by changing the insert selection while the quantities are fulfilled.

Tool & Die Optimizations

Material optimization is the key process mainly in the volatile metals market today. While designing the compound die stamping, the engineers look to reduce waste and capture the scrap metal. In the market for disposables, weight and durability are vital, and engineers must design products with the end-users in mind.

The designers are tested differently through the bend types for scissors to handle maximum strength, comfort, and resistance towards deformity in the case of disposable scissors. The designers are less performed through the quantifiable testing, working at creating a lightweight scissor that needs reasonable forces for cutting the metal pieces. 

The Importance of Material Selection

Engineers should carefully evaluate the cost of the materials. The designers and the manufacturers should be working together to identify the materials with a better rate of manufacturability with the lowest cost involved and better performance rates to meet the end applications.

Disposables are often subjected to a wide range of conditions before use. During production, parts are formed, cleaned, bagged, and stored, experiencing chemical exposure and different handling processes. These are exposed to the second set of conditions in the end application. Engineers must work to ensure the material selected will function, without issue, in a potentially critical situation.

These disposables are often subjected to a massive range of conditions before being used. Parts that are formed, cleaned, stored, and bagged experience chemical exposure for the different handling processes, and they are even exposed to the second set of conditions. The engineers should be working under the prog die process to ensure the material selection to perform the required functions without any hindrance.

The Main Considerations for Metal Stampings for Medical Components

The reliable and experienced metal stamping company is well aware of pushing for lighter, smaller, and more economical components across the medical industry. Meeting the demands without sacrificing performance, durability, and reliability will necessitate careful planning during the designing and manufacturing stages. A few of the measures that we are taking will significantly improve the manufacturability of the metal stamping process for the medical devices, and it includes:

  • Use of Prototypes

It is the most important aspect of component design and development. It allows the product designers and developers to test out the varied design iterations allowing them to identify the potential issues at the areas for improvement and deciding on the design that best meets the customer specifications.

  • Reduced Need for Secondary Operations

It is a vital consideration of the operations needed for producing the requisite product.

  • Investing in Engineering Services

Companies with good engineering services have greater knowledge and equipment to help produce the stampings with more precision and complexity quickly.

  • Adhering to Quality Control (QC) Standards

Healthcare and medical equipment should meet the necessary criteria. 

Process of Automation

The higher volume production will operate and project with the precision requirements to benefit through the automation processes lowering the costs and enhancing the quality. It will help ensure compliance with machining and prog die stamping, streamlining the production in the medical applications. 

By Williumson

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