Apple: Higher Revenue From Advertising Introduction

Cupertino, California’s tech behemoth Apple hopes to increase its advertising revenue in the near future. More advertisements will be shown in the future as well. Users may react negatively to this. According to reports, Apple is looking to significantly increase its advertising revenue.

As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Myhinds company stands to make tens of billions of dollars in advertising revenue in the future, up from the roughly $4 billion it presently makes. As part of his weekly newsletter, Gurman has shared some of the specifics of his initiatives.

Apple Wants To Significantly Expand Advertising Business

Therefore, Todd Teresi, Advertising Platforms, is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to grow its advertising revenue. Even while Apple has been quite cautious with its App Store advertising thus far, the company has begun to implement some forms of advertising. Ads are coming to Apple Maps, the Podcasts app, and the Apple Books app in the near future. That could cause issues with customers and with the market as a whole if competition is affected.

When it comes to app monitoring, Apple has made things extremely tough for the advertising sector, resulting in billions in losses due to a lack of trust. It’s possible that regulatory bodies will get involved if the US group starts making a lot of money from ads. As a result, the advertising business is likely to file antitrust concerns.


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By Williumson

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