5 Top Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate the Market In 2022

Smartphones have taken over the world with a bang! They have aggressively and rapidly transformed the business structures, operations, and marketplaces. To survive and thrive in this digitally competitive and connected world, getting acquainted with the latest mobile app development trends is better. 

Mobile apps have become embedded in our daily lives. You wake up to WhatsApp messages, thrilled to see a certain “Good Morning” message. Then, scroll through various social media platforms, all before marching to brushing your teeth and grabbing breakfast. Later in the day, you make online food deliveries at the office and binge-watch Netflix series at night. It implies that the mobile app market revenue will only experience an upward curve in the future. 

To leave your footprints in the mobile app development world, explore the following trends that have wrapped up 2022 in its blanket: 

  1. Introducing Super Apps 

Long gone are the days when an app was solving only one issue. In the era of digital Darwinism, super apps are attracting all the paparazzi! These apps are gatekeepers to wide-spectrum services users avail online. For instance, social media started as a way to keep families and friends connected. However, they have stretched out in the direction of eCommerce. People can shop, buy, and conduct transactions via super apps along with entertaining themselves. 

The first company to argue and experiment with the idea of super apps was China’s WeChat. Initially, WeChat was an online messaging platform. Now, it does not just allow you to message and follow your friend’s life changes in your feed. It lets you take out loans on your next dream car. 

Thus, kickstart your business with a super app that will become your users’ go-to platform for their daily tasks. 

  1. 5G is Taking Over the World Swiftly! 

5G is on the rise! According to Statista, 5G is going to revolutionize Europe by a whopping 40%. It has also set its eyes on each region of the world to upgrade the internet with an impressive probability of 15% by 2025. 

This technology is a refined and upgraded version of 4G, known as the Fifth Generation wireless cellular network. It has promised to be 100 times faster than 4G. This next-generation radio technology is paying a visit to each region of the world with a message of strengthening mobile connectivity. 

It is adorned with the following characteristics: 

  • Offers high-speed performance 
  • Opens opportunities for experimenting with more complex AR/VR applications
  • Levels up the streaming quality to 4K and 8K 
  • Enhances connectivity, bringing multiple devices together
  • Smoothers video streaming by supporting high-resolution live streaming
  • Ensures secure mobile payment through fast biometric data processing

Thus, 5G technology has opened up doors to developing fast, robust and credible mobile apps, making it hit our “mobile app development trends 2022” list. 

  1. AV & VR Technology are Slowing Becoming Mainstream! 

From the temporary success of Pokemon Go to the origins of Play-2-Earn games, AR & VR technology is carving its name in the IT-related walk of fame! 

The pledge of offering an immersive experience has fuelled its popularity by 10 folds. Companies enthusiastically adopt this technology to cater to their customers’ dynamic needs. For instance, IKEA integrates AR, which assists its customers in visualizing how the furniture will look in their homes. Next, we have L’Oreal. It has a virtual makeup app that permits its customers to visualize how the makeup looks on their faces. 

Most importantly, the big giants such as Apple, Google and Meta are adopting AR & VR. Let’s take for an occasion, Google! It has introduced the “Live View” feature in Google Maps, where users can see the direction in real-time in real-view imagery. 

It all sets the stage for you to include AR & VR technology in your tech stack to create interactive and user-friendly mobile apps! 

  1. Food & Delivery Apps are Picking Up The Steam

As people are getting more and more occupied with their corporate and domestic tasks, they hardly have time to cook. Above all, everyone relied heavily on mobile apps like Instacart and meal kits during the Covid-19 pandemic. People felt more comfortable placing orders via mobile apps than running to physical stores for groceries. Since then, food & delivery mobile apps have been growing in number to cater to the needs of everyone. Thus, you can explore this domain and, open up your own food & delivery mobile app and swim in that profit you always dreamed of! 

  1. Ever Heard of Mobile Learning? 

As the world is changing rapidly, easy access to education has become more common! During the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile education apps rose to facilitate those who struggled with virtual classes. 

Today, mobile learning is a promising mobile app development trend that shows no sign of slowing down. The objective is to facilitate students’ education via smartphones, laptops, iPads, and other portable devices. 

Exploit this trend by pulling out your well-engineered mobile app development tech stack! 

Final Thoughts 

The truth is you can’t stay relevant to your customers unless you stay ahead of the mobile app development trends. Continuous learning and awareness is the only way to survive in the competitive market. Therefore, make your in-house developers active or hire a dedicated team of developers who will move day and night to bring your vision to life. 

By Williumson

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