It goes without saying that real estate is extremely competitive. From ever-changing customer sentiment, demands, changes to policies, and tough competition, there are a lot of challenges that developers need to overcome if they want to grow their business. However, real estate lead generation tops all the challenges as it carries the potential to directly impact a business’s ROI. Simply, if there weren’t any leads to convert, there won’t be anyone to purchase a property.  

Finding the right prospects, categorizing them, understanding who’s likely to engage and buy, and spending dedicated time and resources on the right leads are some of the factors that determine the success of a sales property.  

Today, we will take a look at some of the creative real estate leads generation techniques that make finding and converting prospects easy. 

1. Define Clear Goals, Platform & Content

Before anything else, real estate developers must clearly define their goals as to decide what they exactly want to achieve. The goals must be realistic and achievable in a given time frame. For easier setup, they can use the SMART principle. 

S – Specific goals that are well defined and clear 

M- Measurable goals where the progress can be tracked 

A – Achievable goals that are realistic 

R – Realistic goals that can be achieved in the desired time 

T – Time-bound goals to achieve success in given time frame 

After a successful set up of goals, the developers can move towards their real estate marketing plan and the platform that can help them reach the desired audience. Additionally, gaining the understanding of their objectives will pave the way for creating tailored content that speaks directly to the prospective audience and helps to make more real estate sales.  

2. Build a Powerful Website

Having a good powerful website is a good way to attract customers and create a first impression that compels them to engage in your product or service. For real estate marketing, a website based on a visual-driven approach works best as it paints a picture of the life people get when they buy a particular home.  

Moreover, with the insertion of creative lead magnets, the chances of getting information from genuine customers looking to invest in a property can be increased to a greater extent. Examples of such magnets include Floor Plans, Unit Plans, Brochure, and Offer/Discount.  

Additionally, chatbots can also be used to provide relevant information to the customer quickly and get customer information and register them as real estate leads. 

3. Run an Effective Ad Campaign 

With the right campaign in the real estate marketing plan, developers can reach the desired audience with the right message that is specifically tailored to them. The communication must capture the customers’ attention and compel them to schedule a site visit. However, the one thing that real estate businesses must note is that communication must be consistent across all their marketing channels. 

Here’s what a real estate campaign must accomplish: 

  • Display USPs 
  • Talk about benefits over advantages 
  • Offer aspiration or take an emotional angle 
  • Create urgency 
  • Build word of mouth 
  • Include powerful CTAs 

4. Build Trust with Social Media 

With social media, real estate businesses can establish a personal connection with their customers where they can understand their sentiments, offer relevant solutions and build a trustworthy picture in the mind of the customers. All of this will pave the way for more real estate sales. 

Here’s what developers can achieve through social media platforms; 

  • Visual-driven approach on Instagram 
  • Display value on LinkedIn 
  • Reach thousands on Facebook 
  • Micro-blog on Twitter 

5. Learning from Metrics 

Your real estate business is nothing without data. Taking crucial information from real estate campaign, visitors on website, and clicks and bounces of your emails will help developers understand how their potential clients interact with their business.  

With all the valuable information at disposal, developers can learn, evaluate, track, and optimize content to increase the chances of generating real estate leads. 

In Conclusion 

Real estate developers, brokers, and businesses alike can take note of the above-mentioned techniques to generate leads and growth their business effortlessly. On the other hand, they can collaborate with BeyondWalls, India’s finest PropTech Ecosystem to generate leads with ease. 

By Williumson

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