Sorry for the otaku who has this problem (otaku = more passion, a little less).

Most of you know me because I run iMediaFax, an online fax service. I send more than 100,000 fax newsletters annually. You think my press releases fail every day.

In fact I do not know. famousnewsmag I write and send to people has been a huge success. My clients are very happy with me because they are successful in their legal work.

My problem is with draft press releases people send in.

Issues identified in newsletters submitted by individuals will be permanently resolved. It also hurts a lot.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of bad news and now I know what the main problems are and how to fix them.

My challenge as a publicist is to educate my clients and try to understand the mindset of working with the media.

In a press release, rubber meets the road because it is the main link for all communications with one paper media. The importance of the press release copy cannot be overstated. It should not include biases or factors that may reduce media interest and response. One fatal mistake and it’s over.

Therefore, it is important to identify issues and review newsletters. I still spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid sending out a lot of issues and press releases.

The problem is that when people send me press releases, it takes longer to identify and report issues, then it takes longer to explain and discuss all changes with clients and finalize the text. Preparing and approving press releases and broadcasts.

Honestly, it’s overwhelming for everyone involved. I work hard on my clients because their success is important. I don’t take hits. My comment process may hurt the egos of some successful people who work hard on their press release, which will increase their chances of success when it is finally released. Many people think they can write a press release. Few of them can do that well.

He did not follow up on the media response to find out the errors in the news reports. They still don’t know what the bugs are, so constant debugging won’t teach them anything.

Here you can really see the blood, sweat and tears of the copywriting business. It gets even more complicated when another professional publicist writes a press release for a client. Now the client receives conflicting advice from two experts. One is “hot” and the other is “cold”. What should the teacher do?

So my motives for writing this article are really selfish. I want to spend less time on it. My life would be better if my clients sent me updates that took less time and effort to resolve. Simply put, for every update that doesn’t have these issues, I spend more time doing what’s best for me and my client.

All issues listed here have been identified as reasons for the failure of the press release. It is based on more than 20 years of experience dealing with findings – the quantity and quality of responses received as a result of the circulation of press releases.

Therefore, the most common reasons for breaking news are:

1. You wrote an ad. This is not a press release at all. He is selling a product. It does not provide solid news of real material interest, additional information, education, or entertainment.

2. You are writing for a minority of the audience, not the majority. You cannot compete with other news stories written for a wider media audience.

3. You are the center of attention, not the media audience. You focus on your business and your marketing rather than what interests the editor and their audience.

4. You forgot to put five W in front of you. (Who, what, where, when and why the audience cares). You did not explain clearly and succinctly why your audience is interested in the media.

5. You are very talkative and full of texts. You focus on the details and nuances rather than the most important ideas, issues, factors, facts and viralmagazinehub. You don’t care how your story affects people.

6. You put too much information on one page – one page news.

By Williumson

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