What Is A Virus?

A virus is a program that when executed, will damage or destroy information on a computer. Viruses can be destructive, causing system crashes, data loss, and even total system shutdowns. They can also be insidious – stealthy programs that do their damage without your knowledge.

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny bytes that slip past antivirus software to massive files that take hours or even days to scan. But regardless of their size, all viruses are essentially the same: they are small programs that use infected computers to send out copies of themselves to other computers.

The first known virus was created in 1971 by Ted Nelson, an American computer scientist and activist who created a program called “Computer Worm”. It was designed to spread copies of itself through email attachments, and it caused minor damage to machines across the internet before eventually being removed by its victims.

Viruses have evolved dramatically since then, but the basic concept has not changed: they are malicious programs that rely on your computer to do their dirty work for them.:

Most viruses today are designed to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems – security flaws that attackers can use to gain access to your computer

How Do Computers Get Viruses?

Computers can get viruses in a few ways. One way is when a user downloads and opens a file that was not meant for them. Another way is when a program on a computer is infected with a virus. A virus can also be spread when someone emails a virus to someone else. When computers get viruses, they are able to copy that virus and then make copies of those viruses. The thing is, because computers can copy a virus, it’s easy for the computer to get more viruses. When you have a large number of computers, the likelihood of the computer getting a virus goes up because there are more mirrors that can be easily used by the virus.

Two processes that might help prevent computers from getting viruses are antivirus software and firewalls. Antivirus software has been proved to be very effective at keeping viruses off of your computer when installed properly. Firewalls provide protection against malicious programs on other computers or networks as well as inside your network. You definitely want both of these things installed on every

The Types of Computer Viruses

There are many different types of computer viruses out there. Some viruses attach themselves to emails or files that you download from the internet, while others hijack your computer’s browser so that you can’t access websites.

There are even viruses that can infect your computer’s operating system, which can make it difficult for you to use it. So what is the best way to protect yourself from computer viruses?

The first step is to be aware of the different types of computer viruses out there. Then, you should use a virus protection software to help guard your computer against them. Finally, be sure to keep up-to-date on the latest security threats so that you’re prepared if a virus does hit your computer.

How to Avoid Getting a Computer Virus

Computer viruses are a growing problem and one that you should be very careful about. There are many ways to avoid getting a computer virus, but some of the most obvious include not downloading anything from the internet, using a virus protection program, and keeping your computer clean. However, there are also some less obvious ways to avoid getting a computer virus. Here are four tips for avoiding computer viruses:

1. Don’t download anything from the internet without checking it first. Many times, software that looks like it comes from a legitimate source actually contains viruses. Make sure you only download software from trusted sources.

2. Use a virus protection program. Viruses can easily bypass your antivirus software, so it’s important to use one if you want to protect your computer against them.

3. Keep your computer clean. Viruses thrive in dirty environments, so make sure to keep your computer clean including deleting any unnecessary files and programs.

4. Know how to identify and avoid viruses. Knowing how to identify and avoid viruses is key to protecting yourself against them.


A computer virus is a type of malware that attacks your computer and tries to damage it. They can do this by stealing your personal information or installing new software that you didn’t ask for. Although viruses are generally harmless, they can be very destructive if left unchecked. If you think you may have been infected with a virus, the best course of action is to take your computer to an authorized service provider and have them clean it up.

By Williumson

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