Pre-roll boxes

Cigarettes are used for smoking purposes and the pre-roll packaging boxes are used to pack them. The cigarettes have a cylindrical form. Cigarettes contain tobacco and are rolled into paper.

Talking about the market, there is a lot of competition among the cigarette brands because of their variety. So, an eye-catching and unique idea invites the customers. Custom Pre-Roll Boxes allow clients to highlight their idea and design.

There are a lot of different companies for packaging boxes in the market. So, different companies give different options according to their feasibility.

Material for Boxes

The first thing that comes before choosing the packaging boxes is the material of the boxes. The pre-roll joint packages can be made from kraft paper and paper board. Because These materials are lightweight and have greater strength.

Design of Boxes

There is a variety of design choices for pre-roll packaging boxes. These boxes usually have a cap made out of paper on top of it. Also, they are packed inside of a rectangular-shaped box with a separate cap on top of it.

The choice of a design depends upon various factors, particularly according to the demand of the customer. The handy boxes are usually if a person wants to buy the product for himself because of the friendly packing. While the proper hard cardboard boxes are for gift purposes.

The joints can be wrapped in foil paper  There is a foil paper that has a thin foil coating outside of it with a paper coating on the inner side.


These boxes feature a coating for the best possible quality and appearance. These coatings typically fall between being too glossy and being too matte. The coatings assist keep the logo, words, and images on the box intact. Imperfections and blemishes on the box can be hidden with the aid of coatings, making them appear sleeker.

Printing techniques

To print the imagery and logos on the boxes, different printing techniques are preferred for printing imagery and logos Among them, digital printing is the fastest and most effective. It has a digital technology that easily prints the complex design in seconds.

Offset printing is preferred for large-scale printing. Offset printing uses the printing plates for printing purposes.

Shades in printing

In pre-roll packaging boxes, dark colors are used like black. red, brown, and navy blue. Solid colors are usually preferred.

The other options of tones that can be used for printing reasons can be CMYK which is the color combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. The Key can be white or black color and PMS which is the Pantone Matching System it is a mix of different colors from the CMYK spectrum.

The wholesalers give the pre-roll packaging boxes in bulk. The wholesalers must be reliable to take huge orders and deliver them on time. The quality of the product that they use is important. So, the buyer needs to visit the wholesaler’s workplace and examine their quality of work. The buyers must check these factors before placing orders.

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