AutoCAD is a crucial tool for anyone in the design and architectural industry. It is critical to create the best designs and documents to present to clients. However, all the files you need in the AutoCAD format may be in different forms, hence the need to convert. Sometimes the conversion becomes a challenge when you do not have the right tools or skills to complete the conversion. One such challenge is converting files from MicroStation to AutoCAD.  

There are different ways you can convert the MicroStation files to AutoCAD to boost your design printouts of documentation. The method you select may vary due to various factors such as program user-friendliness and simplicity. You can use either of the discussed processes. 

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1. Any DGN to DWG Converter 

This software is ideal for converting DGN to DWG or DWG to DGN. This standalone program does not need integration with other programs such as MicroStation and AutoCAD. It is also ideal for converting large batches to the desired format. You can also use it alongside other conversion programs as it can support command line features. Besides, users have the choice to buy the package or subscribe, making it ideal for industrial-scale use. 

2. Conversion Using Workflow Ms.10 

This process involves the conversion of microstation to autocad using a CSV remapping file. It is ideal for converting a large volume of batch files and uses utilities such as a batch converter. The process is a bit challenging, especially for beginners; however, it is one of the most effective conversion methods.  

First, select the file you wish to convert using the batch converter. Next, click on the edit command, choose the option of additional files, and save the file as a CSV file. Once you select the storage location, click save. Finally, click done, and the system will begin the conversion process, which may take a few seconds.  

You can edit the converted files using various formats available. This method is also ideal when you need to change other text attributes such as color, font, and sizes. You can make these changes under the save option when you click the filter tab on the command prompt.  

Moreover, you can apply different levels of remapping such as color, weight, foot, line, and level mapping. This method is also ideal for converting the files back to MicroStation format, giving you a different option to store or convert the selected file. 

Moving Documents

3. Using Command Line Prompt 

The command line prompts enable you to convert the files from MicroStation to AutoCAD without much effort. You can accomplish the process in two critical ways: importing the files and attaching the files as the underlay.  

The first process is opening the DWG file you wish to change to AutoCAD format. Next, you need to open the file and enter the code DGNIMPORT in the command line. Alternatively, open the application menu, find the DGN file, and convert it to view in the DWG format. This final file will convert the MicroStation document to the DWG AutoCAD file. 

The second option is to open the file and enter the code XATTACH on the command line. Alternatively, go to the Insert tab, click on the reference, and finally click attach. Next, navigate the file, then select the DGN file as the final format. This method will retain the MicroStation file in its native form but attach the DWG file as a reference, hence the AutoCAD format. However, to accomplish this, you need to ensure MicroStation and AutoCAD are installed on the same system.  

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4. Using MicroStation Connect 

The MicroStation CONNECT is software created to convert AutoCAD to MicroStation and vice versa. It is ideal for high-quality conversion needs and involves advanced technology simplified to make the conversion process simpler and more accessible. The software is ideal for office and professional workflows and large batch conversion. It can also be used for file migration, rewriting, and developing the converted filters. Users can also leverage it for converting the files in different formats and styles, such as AutoCAD line, text, and dimension styles.  

Once you open the software, click on the file conversion tab, then select the file you want to convert. It will begin the conversion process immediately as you choose the changes such as color, text, fonts, and other changes.  

5. Using MyGeoData Converter 

MyGeoData Converter is another conversion software ideal for converting MicroStation to AutoCAD and back. There are different vendor subscription programs based on monthly or annual payments; you can download the program and use it for conversion needs. However, you must ensure the files to convert are in the DWG format; if not, you can use the program conversion tool to convert them into the desired format before you begin the final conversion process. It is ideal for the individual and batch conversion process and is one of the critical tools a designer should have. 

The software can also convert files into different formats, such as GIS. It utilizes over 3000 coordinate reference systems, making it ideal for multiple uses. Once you complete the conversion process, it allows you to save the converted files in different formats, such as Zip. It can also be ideal for converting both virtual and non-virtual files.  

Types of file formats


There are different programs, including standalone and non-standalone programs, that can help you with the conversion process. However, you’ll need to determine the volume of the files you need to convert. You also need to decide on the quality and the simplicity of the conversion process and then select the ideal program to use.  

By Williumson

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