How to Download Twitch Clips?
How to Download Twitch Clips?

Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can get many streaming enthusiasts.

You can stream on Twitch as well as watch others streaming. 

If you want to enjoy live streaming, Twitch is a must-go option. Twitch is a leading platform where you can stream your art, music, gameplay, or all the best sports action within five minutes in a very easy way.

You can clip it on Twitch to save any live stream and watch it later. 

Downloading a Twitch Clip makes it safer. 

What are Twitch Clips?

Before heading over to downloading a Twitch Clip, it is important to know a bit about the Twitch Clips.

Twitch Clips lets you summarize some of your stream’s favorite short segments. 

By clipping a section of the Twitch stream, you can rewatch your favorite moments afterward.

Moreover, by downloading them, you can get them stored safely and share them.

With Twitch Clips, your viewers can share their favorite moments on various social media apps from your stream.

You can also create clips from short snippets of your stream’s content and then put them to show your favorite moments.

How to create a Twitch Clip?

Creating a Twitch Clip is an easy and simple step process.

You can create a Twitch Clip simply by hovering over the video player and clicking on the clip icon. 

Select the video segment which you want to clip by adjusting the slider.

Finally, give a title to your clip and then publish it. 

Below it, you will find the option of sharing it.

How can we download a Twitch Clip?

The process of downloading a Twitch Clip on mobile is the same for both Android and iOS users.

To download a personally made Twitch clip, go to your Clip Manager on Twitch.

  • Go to the Creator Dashboard, and click on the content drop-down menu.
  • Select clips and then click on the (⬆️) share icon. 
  • Then click on the download option(⬇️), which pops up.

Now, if you want to download a clip you don’t make, you need to use an external tool.

You can prefer a Twitch Clip Downloader.

It is an extension of Google Chrome.

This will add a ‘Download Clip’ button to save clips to your PC.

How to manage Twitch Clips?

Go to Dashboard, then Content, and then Clips.

Now, click on Clips Manager. 

Here, you will see the table of your clip with its title, creator channel, streaming category, creation date, and the number of views.

You will be shown two types of clips:

Clips you have created and the pins of your content that have been created.

Moreover, each clip has a ‘Save as Highlight button.’ 

You can even delete any clip at any time.

To permanently delete all the clips of your channel, click on the three vertical dots menu at the top right corner of the table and select the ‘Delete all Clips of my Channel’ option.

But, these clips never expire themselves until or unless you delete them. 

You can also disable clip creation on your channel by going to stream settings and then toggling Enable Clips Settings. 

You can also limit clip creation to Follower-only or Subscriber-only mode.

How to find and filter clips?

If you are willing to watch the popular clips of any channel, then head to the ‘Videos’ tab of that channel.

Select ‘Clips’ in the ‘Filter by’ drop-down. And now you can watch the clips accordingly.

To watch all clips of a certain category, go to the Browse button at the top and select the type. Then, click the Clips in the top left-hand corner.

How can creating Twitch Clips be useful?

  • You can create them for your memories.
  • You can put them on your highlights.
  • Twitch clips can be used for promotional purposes.
  • You can use it as a channel trailer.
  • It can analyze your stream and work upon the required areas for more enhancement.
  • Twitch clips increase the interaction with the audience.
  • It attracts a larger audience.
  • These clips will show some best moments of your stream, which will engage the audience.

Attracting a wider audience is very important on Twitch. If you have more viewers, it will help in increasing the generated income from Twitch. There are various tips to follow for expanding the audience on Twitch. Adding to it, people often buy Twitch followers and viewers to increase their audience and thus generate more income.


Thus, Twitch is a one-stop platform for all Livestream enthusiasts. Here, you get multiple categories to select from and start your Livestream.

For the viewers, it is a full entertainment package as it has a wide variety of categories of streamers.

On Twitch, you can not only watch a stream or stream yourself, but you can also clip your favorite moments from any stream and rewatch it or share it later. 

The steps for creating a Twitch clip and downloading it are mentioned above.

Creating Twitch Clips is very helpful and benefits you in many ways.

So, go ahead with creating your own or someone else’s clips from their stream and enjoys it while rewatching it.

By Williumson

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