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What Is Digital Banking?

Giesecke+Devrient makes it possible for Digital banking banks to provide individualised digital services to customers in a physical-virtual environment. Immiaccount The APIs and the entire cloud-based infrastructure are now fully certified for use in digital banking at the highest level.

More and more people want to conduct their banking transactions digitally, without being limited by time or location. Even while neobanks and fintechs are now concentrating on providing these services, traditional banks are still in the midst of a digital revolution. This shift is being hastened by phygital deals, which combine traditional touchpoints like credit cards with digital resources. By utilising Giesecke+Devrient’s cloud-based APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), financial institutions may provide customers with tailored, data-driven digital services like digital banking. Customers can store a virtual version of their card, for instance, on their mobile device. The application status of a new card can also be monitored in real time. To activate the card, a PIN is first sent via mail or phone but is then unnecessary. As an alternative, remote access makes the process simple and safe.

PCI DSS Certified API Platform Secures Digital Banking

G+D’s PCI-DSS compliant API platform allows financial institutions to implement these services in a safe cloud setting. It works with a large variety of credit cards and mobile devices. Further, it may be easily incorporated into preexisting digital banking apps and infrastructure. When banks use the API platform, they are better able to fulfil their customers’ needs and wants, and they also help to strengthen safety measures. Credit card fraud and theft can be prevented, at least to some extent.

To compete in the extremely competitive financial services sector, where the competition is often young and fully digital, API services are a crucial tool for retail banks and their service providers. Giesecke+Devrient’s Head of Card Issuance Services and Service Operations, Eric Megret-Dorne, describes the company’s efforts to meet the needs and demands of its customers. Banks can now provide their consumers with a cutting-edge digital banking experience thanks to our cloud environment’s API certification.

Giesecke+Devrient Replaces Virgin Plastic In Payment Cards

Giesecke+Devrient recently made an announcement that by 2030, all virgin plastic would be phased out of their payment card products. In doing so, the company hopes to aid customers and financial institutions in achieving their own sustainability goals. Instead of using new, unrecycled plastic, we should use recycled plastic, industrial compostable plastic, or biodegradable plastic. A credit card made from anything other than virgin plastic makes a political statement in addition to the environmental benefits of using recycled materials. According to G+D’s analysis, the whole credit card industry will soon follow suit. And with that, we can stop using virgin plastic in the over three billion annual payment cards manufactured around the world.

Giesecke+Devrient already has an ecological card product line available to banks and their clients. Unlike any other product on the market, this card’s layers are entirely fabricated from environmentally friendly resources. In addition, there is an open, expanding network of eco-innovative partners and a card issue that takes environmental factors into account. In addition, G+D will keep working on tailoring end-of-life card programmes to individual clients and researching new, sustainable materials. G+D is implementing these measures as part of a larger ESG plan. The ultimate goal is to implement these changes across the board in order to make the entire firm more environmentally friendly. (sg)

By Williumson

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