Your dog’s oral hygiene is equally as important as yours. This is because if oral hygiene is not maintained, it can pose a serious threat to overall health, and hence this can even go life-threatening for animals. Just because of poor oral hygiene, other body parts of dogs such as the liver, kidney, and heart muscles might get affected. Practicing teeth cleaning at home for your dog would result in your dog’s happy living and at the same time would ensure their long life. However, you can even prefer to get assistance from a dog dentist for more professional care. 

You would not be liking your dog’s bad teeth as they would be smelly and hence makes them prone to gum and tooth issues. This highlights the importance of regular teeth cleaning of dogs to ensure good dental care.

These 4 easy ways would help you clean your dog’s teeth naturally at home and that too safely. 

4 easy ways to clean a dog’s teeth naturally!

  1. Brush properly

Just like we humans need to brush our teeth regularly, the same goes with animals too. However, it might be a bit tricky to brush your dog’s teeth, especially if you have not tried them before. But you can start by rubbing your finger against their gums and removing impurities. Try doing this for 15 minutes in a circular motion. 

  1. Dental chews

As per best health and wellness blogs, dental chews might be the prime option to brush the teeth of your dog naturally. Well, there are ample dental chew’s available out there. This is the most helpful remedy available which helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth naturally. It contains tooth-friendly ingredients such as sodium hexametaphosphate, coconut oil, and pumpkin seeds and these ingredients ensure the white gleaming of your dog’s teeth. 

  1. Bones

Have you ever thought about bones being a good teeth cleaner? No right? But yes, bones act as a great option for tooth-cleaning dogs. Why? Because it contains essential nutrients which cleanse their teeth thoroughly. But you should do this under the supervision of a dog dentist as the bones might choke them, as per best healthy food blogs.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut is a natural extract that contains acids that help to kill bacteria and fungus present in the teeth. This oil is the best to remove nasties from your dog’s mouth, says best health and wellness blogs.

How often should you take your dog to the dentist?

Ideally, you should take your dog to a dog dentist when they’ve turned at least 2-3 years of age. Why? Because at an early age, they might not be able to cope with the tactics used by the doctors to clean their teeth. At an early age, it is best to clean your dog’s teeth naturally at home. 

However, afterward, you can take your dog to a dentist probably once in 3 months to ensure that no bacterial cavities persist as it might lead to complications. 

By Williumson

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