Turkey is a popular place to visit and this is because of many reasons. The location, weather and culture of Turkey are some of the important reasons as to why you need to visit Turkey. Now to visit Turkey you must know that you need a visa. If you are planning on getting a Turkish visa from Pakistan then you need to first check out Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. Well in this post we have discussed some of the popular visa types applied by Pakistanis and granted by the republic of Turkey to Pakistani citizens. Turkish visa for Pakistani can be obtained quite easily from the embassy or you can also apply online.

Four common types of Turkish visas granted to Pakistani citizens

Out of many here in this post we have listed a few popular ones that you should know about. 

Turkey visit visa

One of the most commonly given visas is the tourist visa. You can check the turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens and get the application from the consulate office. The tourist visa is given to people who want to visit Turkey for personal purposes. If you want to have a fun time and visit historic spots then you need to get the visit visa. This visa is valid for not more than three months so you need to plan your trip in advance to save time.

Turkey student visa

Pakistani students tend to apply to Turkish universities for higher education and this is because Turkey has some of the best universities in the world and the education in Turkey is also quite affordable as compared to other countries like USA or UK. Students need to have an acceptance letter from a Turkish university to get this visa. Other turkey student visa requirements for Pakistani citizens can be gathered from the embassy. Know that turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani are different for students.

Turkey business visa

Here you should know that Turkey isn’t only famous for tourism but also for business opportunities. Pakistanis are quite interested in investing in Turkey and for that they need to have a Turkey investment visa for Pakistani citizens. The investment visa is not easy to get so we would suggest you check out its requirements from the Turkish embassy in Islamabad. A common misconception that you need to clear out is that Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani are different from investment visas. 

Turkey family visa

The turkey family visa is often applied by Pakistani citizens who have a Turkish spouse who already is a resident of Turkey. The family visa for Turkey is more expensive than other visa types and is not that easy to get. You can contact the embassy or get in touch with a visa agent and find out turkey family visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. An important point to note is that the requirements of the family visa would be quite different from the Turkey visit visa for Pakistani people.

These are the common visa types granted by the republic of Turkey to Pakistani people.

By Williumson

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