Turn on Bluetooth on Mac without mouse

What Is Bluetooth?

Tuto inspirations from “real” life are my favorite: A friend of mine recently asked me how and if you can turn the Bluetooth function on the Free Offer iMac back on. He had accidentally disabled it and could no longer use his Bluetooth-connected mouse. He could access the settings with the keyboard connected by cable, but not the magic tick. Another way is to turn Bluetooth back on Mac without a mouse.

It Just Works. But Not Always The Way It Should.

The Mac is known to be perfect from start to finish, and everything always runs as it should. The reality check occasionally shows that this is not always the case. For example, if you think, as in the scenario described, “job, then I’ll just navigate to the Bluetooth settings using the keyboard.” This works, for example, via the Spotlight search. But now comes the catch: You won’t get any further here without a small detour.

Because: You cannot reach the Activate Bluetooth button in the Bluetooth system settings with the standard settings of macOS via the keyboard, to enable this, you must first tick somewhere else.

To do this, go to the Keyboard area in the system settings and then to the Shortcuts tab. Here you check. Move the focus to controls using keyboard navigation.

This Is How You Activate Bluetooth On The Mac Directly With The Keyboard

But don’t fret, because the gods in Cupertino have a solution for that too. In addition to the actual Bluetooth menu in the system settings, there is a second way to switch on the BT radio under macOS. To do this, open the so-called Bluetooth data exchange via a spotlight search with CMD + space bar.

The now-opening app for sending and receiving files via BT radio checks whether Bluetooth is activated when it starts. If this is not the case, you can make your Mac Bluetooth-ready again by pressing the Enter key. Eureka. Either way, you should always have a wired mouse or keyboard handy for such cases. Or at least activate the keyboard controls 😉

Would you like more problem-solving for the perfect computer systems? Then look here; Christian takes care of Bluetooth problems in this tutorial.


By Williumson

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