Soccer is one of the best time and most satisfying sports because it channels your creative and physical energy savings. Unfortunately, it is also an extremely physical sport that leaves your jersey stinking from mud, grass, and sweat stains. Cleaning this dirt may appear daunting for the inexperienced, but you can make it sparkling clean if you utilize the proper washing methods. Also, get a 30% discount using the Nwsl Shop Coupon Code when buying sports jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and other accessories.

This post shares tips on the most proficient method to wash a soccer jersey.

1 Clean Your Soccer Jersey In Short

2 Shrinking Precautions

3 Presoaking Requirements

4 Soaking The Jersey

5 Stain Removal

6 Drying Your Jersey

7 Ironing


• Soak to eliminate dirt and mud

• Test the water for hardness and add a softener on the off chance that it is hard

• Eliminate stubborn stains according to type using vinegar or baking soda

• Wash it with somewhat warm water containing a detergent

• Rinse it and hang it to dry

• At the point when it is dry, iron it with a warm iron before storage


Before cleaning, take precautions to avoid burning or shrinking the jersey. A few fabrics shrink if you wash them with hot water or a hot cycle. The gamble of shrinking relies upon the composition of the fabric. The material with the highest risk of shrinking is thick when utilized alone or mixed with polyester or cotton. Polyester fabrics mixed with cotton also shrink, but pure polyester doesn’t shrink.

Most soccer jerseys are made from polyester because it is light and stretchable. It is a sturdy material that withstands the stressors in contact sports better than cotton. Nonetheless, polyester has clear detergent, temperature, and stain removal requirements for best results during cleaning. Most jerseys have these requirements written on a strip attached to the inside of the collar.


Soccer jerseys get extremely dirty, especially if you are a hyperactive player like me. Presoaking helps eliminate most of the mud and dirt attached to the surface. Soak it by inserting it into a utility sink with water at room temperature so the dirt can break down. Alternatively, you can put it on a clothesline and wash away the dirt with water from a high-pressure hose pipe.


You could use hard water if you live where the water isn’t treated. Hard water contains minerals that neutralize detergents before they can chip away at the stains. If it doesn’t foam, then the water is hard. Eliminate the hardness by adding a softener to the soaking water and leaving it for a couple of moments before adding the detergent.


When most of the dirt is gone, put warm water into a sink or bucket and add 2-3 tablespoons of solid laundry detergent and some vinegar. Drench the jersey in the water and leave it to soak for around one hour so the chemicals can chip away at the stains. The detergent neutralizes stain compounds while the vinegar smothers the foul smells. The methodology works for fabrics, everything being equal. If you can’t find vinegar, use baking soda instead because it eliminates the scent.


Chlorine functions admirably with cotton but may be harmful to polyester clothes. Avoid chlorine on your jersey because it can react with the outer layer and uncover the fiber. The uncovered filaments tear, easily shortening the existence of your jersey. You can utilize oxygen or all-fabric bleaches because they eliminate stains without damaging the fabric. The oxygen bleach functions admirably with white clothes, regardless of whether they have hued strips.


Stains are inevitable in soccer, except if you invest more energy warming the seat than on the pitch. That is the reason you want to muster stain removal hacks for soccer jerseys. To eliminate stains on your jersey, presoak it in chilly water to stop the free dirt. Next, rinse and put it in clean water with a strong detergent. The best detergents eliminate most grass stains. In any case, paint and other mineral stains may require a stain remover to clear them out.

If the stains have not emerged after the first wash, apply the stain remover directly on them and wait for a couple of moments. Then scour them gently with a brush until they have broken down. Rinse the jersey in clean water to eliminate the dirt. For best results, avoid mixing white jerseys with hued ones because the varieties may drain and cause monstrous streaks on the white jersey.


• Eliminate grass stains by mixing water with vinegar at the rate of 2:1.

• Eliminate blood stains by flushing them with cold water. If the stain doesn’t clear, pour a solution of oxygen stain remover over it, and the color will clear within a couple of moments.

• Eliminate perspiration stains by pouring vinegar on them and waiting for about 30 minutes.

• Eliminate anti-perspiration stains by mixing water and baking soda and pouring the solution on them. Rub it with a brush and leave for a couple of hours.


When you are satisfied that the jersey is clean, eliminate it and rinse once and for all. Then turn it inside out to prevent fading. Hang it on the clothesline to dry. You can also protect it from direct sunlight by covering it with a light fabric.


Eliminate creases on your jersey with a warm iron and avoid pressing on the logos and numbers because intense heat can melt the material utilized on these inscriptions. Further, avoid hot ironing because extreme heat causes the fabric to consume or shrink. If a portion of the labels and decals has cracked or wrinkled during the washing system, you can resolve some defects by covering them with a cotton fabric and ironing gentry. The cracks won’t go, but they will be less prominent after this treatment.

By Williumson

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